Thursday, December 31, 2009


Where do we go from here?
The well worn path
or do we forge a new one?
On the cusp of a something new,
promises both great and small.
Heavy burdens we all bear
made lite with time's passing.
The ticking minutes
echo in our ears.
Our eyes burn through the tears.
Time does us no favors,
but save one.
Physical representation
of time,
reminders of a construct
none can escape.
The immediate moment of now,
fleeting and free flowing.
A culmination
of distilled eternity.
Bottled for your enjoyment.
Drink up.
It's a great vintage.

Thursday Tease

What are you doing New Year's Eve?

2010....Here We Come!

May this year bring you abundant joy,
deeper love, and lasting prosperity!
May you never experience
lack or sickness!
May you and your household
be blessed!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Year Over...........

The end of 2009 can't come quick enough for me. I'm ready to move on to the next phase of my life. I've got things to do! This year the biggest, bestest thing to happen to me was clearing my land, and passing both of my classes made me extremely happy, nothing else really knocked my socks of. It was a rather blase year. A repetition of all the previous without the death of anyone close. That is a plus. Thinking back over the year, it was an odd mixture of things. The bulk which centered around getting my parents settled into another place. It was all consuming and still is. I often wonder will we ever be finished with that transition? It has gone on for way too long, given my short attention span.

2010 will mark a new decade. I seriously hope that it will be much better than the first in this new century. On a wider front, than just my personal stage, the world has experience some major crap itself. The Boxing Day tsunami, 9-11, the ensuing wars abroad, the Wall Street meltdown, the recession, Bush, the Birthers, Teabaggers, all the hateful groups against civil rights, Palin, the scandals, and the collapse of the GOP. This first decade was a doozy. It has left a bad taste in my mouth. Even the election of Obama and a few states joining the more enlightened places on the planet can't help alleviate the bitter after taste this decade leaves behind.

I sincerely hope for all the readers of my little ole blog, that 2010 is much better for all of us. Not just in the blog universe, but the world as well. That peace and truth will triumph over all the lies and violence. That we will once again be prosperous and employed. That wisdom and intellect will replace dogma and fear. I hope that every dream is realized for you. That every hope is made manifest. That you have the fortitude to see you through what ever may lie ahead of you this coming year. And that love, peace and joy accompany you ever step of the way.

Love A Blue Moon

I'm a romantic, as if it wasn't self evident from some of my writings. I believe that there is someone for everyone, even if they may not always end up together. Fate can conspire against it sometimes. The timing may be off a bit or there are odds that just can't be overcome. It's sad really when you think about it. I've had this experience happen personally a few times. I would meet someone and fall for them, whether it was mutual, I'll never know. Either they were with someone else or I was, and I never, ever interject myself into those situations. I believe in respecting the coupledom. Or they, or me were in some sort of transition, like moving, or away at college or whatever. Then there are other factors that interfere with it, like having different schedules, losing a phone number or a sudden job transfer. The timing was way off in some way, with no way of circumventing it. My readers may be surprised to learn this interesting tidbit about my writings. They are based on real people. Some I've loved and lost. Some I've longed for but never hooked up with. Others I still find myself drawn to after almost 30 years of our first meeting. Yes, for as close as I am to being a monk, I still have a passionate side. And a really good memory.

The last few pieces I wrote actually concern a real fella named Jeff that I worked with in high school. Yep, that long ago at the tender age of 17, he was 18. Thanks to Facebook we have caught up with each other. He is as handsome as ever, maybe even more so with his silver hair. But atlas, timing is still a problem. While both of us are currently single and live not far from each other and have a slew of friends in common, one of us isn't in the position to pursue any sort of relationship or friendship or anything at this point. That would be me, the unemployed, broke, still a bit overweight, in school, living off his parents generosity, middle aged guy. I decided to mention this just to get it off my chest. The whole unrequited love thing wears thin after nearly 30 years, 2 relationship and Lord know what else has past. But there it is, out in the light of day. If it is meant to be, it will happen. In the meantime, I keep a check on his Facebook page and send an email occasionally and wait for the timing to be right. After all, once in a blue moon, things do go right.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wringing Out The Old

With the old year drawing quickly to a close, I find myself recalling events of the past. Not just from this year, though it has been eventful, but from all the many years before. I think back to days when I though being in your 40's meant you were old and near death. Days when I was sure the friends from my youth would be around forever. Times when I had a job to go on New Year's Day, or money in the bank. Previous New Year's Eves spent with my boyfriend, chilling champagne for the last drink of the year, just waiting for the ball to drop and that final kiss of the old year. Even the memories of childhood, when my parents would allow me to stay up to watch Dick Clark's Rockin New Year's Eve on TV. So many great memories. As stated before in other post, this time of year is a mixture of emotions for me. This year is no different. I look back fondly over the years of celebrating this tradition in it's myriad ways. The out come was always the same. The next day came and went. So did the next. And the next. Life carried on, regardless of what happened or didn't. I adapted, adjusted and went on with it. I didn't hold back on living my life when my grandparents passed away, nor when so many of my close and dear friends died. I didn't let unemployment or the end of a ten year relationship undo me. I moved forward, as time does. It seems to experience life, it has to be done in the moment, not after the fact or before it's time, the here and now, this moment. All the New Year's Eves thus far have taught me that. No matter what has happened in the past, nor what will happen in the future, I'm ready to face it head on with vigor and tenacity. So 2010, bring it on and be prepared to have your ass handed to you when you're done.

Tuesday Tease

Drop the towel!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Just Wondering

  1. Am I the only guy that watches porn with the sound off?

  2. Have you ever walked into a crowded room and wondered how many feet of dick surrounds you?

  3. Have you ever wondered why certain couples were together ?What was the attraction?

  4. Am I the only one that wishes they had X-ray vision?

  5. Am I the only one that doesn't understand the gay fascination with straight acting or supposedly gay for pay porn?

Long Ago

The lights were dim, music drifted softly by.

The candles threw shadows on the walls.

The world stopped spinning when you entered the room.

The scent of your cologne.

The smile upon your face.

The warm embrace, followed by a sweetest kiss.

The joining of our hands as you moved near.

A slow dance for lovers.

A shared journey through time.

A raised glass to honor the forbidden and true.

A flush upon our cheeks.

A hush upon our lips.

A night to remember.

A memory of long ago.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Succumbing Bliss

Chest pressed close, our warmth becomes an inferno.
Consuming time and space.
My pulse races at your touch
My mind lost in desire and need.
The graze of your lips, softly against mine.
Your breath across my neck
Hold me closer, while all logic and reason dissipates.
My resistance worn down.
Succumbing to your whispers.
Following your lead.
United in body and soul, the world falls away.
On clouds we drift, lost in overdue bliss.
Losing control, I surrender to you.
My heart now yours.
Our souls touch in wondrous release.
As one, we are, coupled eternally.
The twinkle in your eye, the heaven I see.
The completeness of me.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

20 Things About Me

  1. I'm a romantic at heart. I love to be wooed. Come on too strong, and I'll resist.

  2. I always think the best of people, give the benefit of the doubt, until either proven wrong or it's too late.

  3. I trust easily and I'm often disappointed because of it.

  4. I have a wicked, twisted sense of humor. I love to laugh and love to make people laugh.

  5. My last true vacation, not unemployment, was in March 1989, to visit my best friend who moved to Tampa FL. I moved there in April.

  6. Some of my deepest hurts and disappointments have come from family and friends. I always forgive them, but never forget it, though I never mention it.

  7. Some of my deepest joys and triumphs have been with the same family and friends.

  8. If I like you, I consider you a friend always, whether we speak daily or years from now.

  9. Both loves of my life, were love at first sight. I still have very fond memories of both.

  10. I'm not as arrogant or conceited as most people think I am when we first meet.

  11. I'm very loyal and trust worthy. If I can do something for someone, I will.

  12. People tell me all sorts of secrets. I never repeat them. Maybe I should have been a bartender or therapist.

  13. I have had some very dark depressive episodes in my life. They fade, but not till much damage is done. Then I spend a year or more rebuilding my life.

  14. I'm very proud of my small town roots. They have shaped my values and who I am as a person.

  15. The most I ever weighted was 252 pounds, about 18 months ago. Now I'm down to 192. I hope to lose about 20 pounds more.

  16. I was in the best shape of my life when I was in my late 30's. I weighted 175. Had a 31 inch waist, a 44 inch chest and 10% body fat. I long for that again.

  17. I enjoy music. I love it. It soothes me and helps get me out of my head for a while.

  18. I have an IQ of 113. I hoped it was more. Guess I'm smarter than some and dumber than others.

  19. I like all types of guys. I'm drawn most to the stereotypical tall, dark and handsome ones. If they aren't funny and smart, forget it.

  20. I adore my family, my friends, my dog and my life. I think I'm very fortunate to have lived it thus far.

Just Wondering

A brief list of things I'm curious about. (I'm bored and I love list.)

  1. How to attract the attention of someone you are crushing on? It seems I've forgotten how to flirt, make friends, or otherwise engage other people.

  2. What makes my blog interesting? The pics, writing, or something else? Anything you would like to suggest?

  3. Are bad people born or created? Do they know they are bad?

  4. How do you tell if someone is just being nice or friendly or really interested in you? Are there signs to watch for? Is it possible to move from friendship to romance and how?

  5. Why is everything that is yummy and tasty, filled with so many calories?

Saturday Tease

Was Santa good to you?

Friday, December 25, 2009

I Melt

I see your face and melt.
I hear your voice, my heart sings.
I long for you from afar.
I want to be with you, but know I can't.
I'm not your type, not in your circle.
I gaze across the divide in wonder and awe.
Your smile haunts me, while I wish I were the cause.
The very thought of you intoxicates me.
Just a glimpse and I'm head over heels.
I ache for your touch though I know it will never come.
But I wait and dream.
One day, I'll sweep you off your feet.
Your knight in shining armour.
Your hero.
And you will be mine.
The reason I exists.
The reason I breathe.
I see you and I melt all over again.

Christmas Past

Christmas is behind us. Overall, it was a good one. I actually enjoyed myself today. I hope everyone else did too. I'm looking forward to the approaching new year. As I have mentioned in other post, it promises to be a wild ride. I'm up for the challenge and definitely some closure on some projects and anxious get started on new ones. Here's to all the bright promises of the future!

Christmas Greetings

Well, it is about that time. Time to start getting ready to be at my parents around noon. Not that it takes me that long or that I live far away, I just like to take my time in doing so. Also, with the weight loss this year, I need to try on several things to see what fits and then figure out what I have left to match it. A wonderful problem to have! I'm looking forward to it as always, but afterward can't wait to get back home. I'm usually the first to arrive and the first leave. When my grandfather was alive, he was the first, then me. There is only so much family I can take in a day. I would rather have a nice meal and conversation than all the hoopla over opening gifts. The last two Christmases have been rough for me. Unemployment has a way of doing that to you. I did manage to scrap enough money together to give everyone, all seven, a $20 bill. I'm sure they will appreciate it just the same, though I normally spend a little more and seem to find something they need or want, this year I think they will understand. Hopefully, no one will give me anything terrible expensive so I won't feel cheap afterwards for not being able to return the favor. I'm sure next year will be better. Well, need to hop into the shower and get all gussied up for the big eat. Somehow I need to convince the dog to go out for his business first, despite the downpour. I hope all my blogger buddies have a safe and wonderful holiday, however you chose to celebrate it. May all your wishes come true and may peace rule your life from here on out.

Christmas Countdown : The Day

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas !

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Upon a Midnight Clear

Long ago, Christmas Eve was much more fun. As a child, like many others, I would eagerly anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus. As an adult, I would eagerly look forward to an evening spent with friends. Most of my friends at the time, spent Christmas Day with their families, so we were left to our our devices for Christmas Eve. We would gather together, either at some one's house for drinks and a movie or meet up at a restaurant for dinner and drinks, before heading out to a club. It really didn't matter what we did, those of us that didn't have obligations, were together for that evening. I have many fond memories of those times. Even while my ex and I were still together, the tradition continued. He would travel to his parents home and I was here to be with mine on Christmas Day. It worked for us for 10 years.

Over the last several years, that little group has disappeared. Many of them have passed away, no longer here to celebrate, others have moved away and started their own traditions. My ex and I split 10 years ago and thus far, my heart hasn't been claimed by another. I now sit at home, for many years alone and melancholy, remembering all the great times of Christmases past. Now I have my dog, Izzy, to keep me company. I use to watch the TV specials and have a drink to honor the tradition. Now, without cable TV, or a converter box, I sit at the computer, checking emails, looking at blogs, waiting for a status to change on Facebook so I can comment, or eagerly checking for comments on my blogs to pass the time.

A lot has changed over the years. I have changed, some for the good, some maybe not so much. I keep things in perspective. It will not always be this way. I just need to get through school, get a job so I can become social again, meet new people to hang with. Get the house built one day and settle in to a routine. I still have much to do. Yes, while it is a bit lonely sometimes, especially with no invites coming my way these days and no money to speak of to venture out, I know this will pass. I can't wait to unleash myself upon the world again. Until then, I'll do my living through Facebook and Blogger, while the night plays host to untold millions of children's fantasies, realizing that those are what make it bearable when you grow older and life takes unexpected turns.

Thursday Tease

You're not a 'ho, if you are
giving it away. It's charity!

Happy Holidays!

May all your dreams come true!

Christmas Countdown: Day 2

Talk about regifting!

Sport Oops!

Swim Meet gift exchange.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Season's Greetings

Before everything gets hectic and I lapse, I would like to wish all the visitors to my little blog a safe and wonderful Holiday Season. I hope it exceeds everything you hoped it would be.

Wednesday Tease

The way The Nutcracker should be performed!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where's The Party?

I have often dreamt of having a party in my new house when the time came. I wonder if anyone would come? I would like to think a few would show up, but you never know. I would hate to throw a party and no one came. I have had such limited contact with people over the years, maybe they wouldn't bother to come. Maybe they would have a better offer from someone they have had more contact with or feel closer too. I often wonder if they still consider me a friend or just someone that flitted through their life in no meaningful way. It would be great and a boost to my ego if I had made a mark in their life in some positive way. I think it is a bit sad that I can't say for sure that I have. I hope I have at least. I'm not overly concerned with the notion of an unattended party. Right now my life is in a bit of a holding pattern. I have so much going on and so many other things that will need my attention. I look forward to the day when all is done and I can get into a normal routine. The daily grind of a job is looking very attractive right now. Maybe then I can become the somewhat social butterfly I once was. Of course with those of my youth no longer here I will have to be start from scratch. Hopefully, I will still have my social graces and be considered interesting enough to be around. Only time will tell. In the meantime, my slow march forward will continue.

Tuesday Tease

White Christmas indeed!

Christmas Countdown : Day 4

This Time Next Year

At this time of the year, I often think about the approaching new year and what I hope it brings. Or at least what I can try to bring to fruition. This year is no different. This past year seems to have instigated some changes that will certainly carry forward. The first part of the year will be consumed with finishing up my Web Design Certificate, and maybe the start of another depending on the job market and other factors. I will continue to help my parents get things completed around their new place and ready the old place to put up for sale. There is still a shop to be built, a deck to add, a green house to move and all the landscaping for the back yard to be done. I personally still want to loose a few more pounds. Currently I'm at 192. I'd like to see that move lower to 170 or 175. Also, I like to get started working out again to tone up, provided I can make some space to get to the home gym in my spare bedroom. There is lots to do around my little place as well. That is a post in itself I think. Then sometime next year, I hope to get a job if the economy has improved. I'm hopefully that somehow it will all work out with all the other things that need to be done. And last, but not lest, I hope to start construction on my own place. While the tentative goal is to have it completed and moved into by the end of 2010, flexibility is key. I hate to push it back further, but given the odd real estate market, school, hopefully a job, and all left to do here and for my parents, it remains to be seen if we can squeeze in such a large project. I'll just have to see how everything else progresses through the year. Until all the other stuff is taken care of, I don't see me getting out and about much socially next year, though I will try to fit something in occasionally. That will limit my chances of meeting anyone I'm sure, but it would be one less complication in an otherwise overloaded calender. At this point, the to do list seems just as long as ever, but the items are certainly a bit more fun. It seems that 2010 will be another great year of change but one of some completion as well. I think it will turn out just swell!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Softly upon the earth I thread.
In whispers I do speak.
Gently I go forth.
Out of kindness and peace I do act.
With love and forgiveness I do greet.
Truth and Justice and Wisdom
I do seek.
Noble causes and honor do bid I.
Spirit over substance
I abode.
The fire within.
Now cleansed and forthright.
Never harsh or abrasive.
What are my sins?
I smote them long ago.
A clear conscience my reward.
An ease of sleep.
A lack of want or need.
A oneness with all souls.
Internal peace do I claim.
A sly smile upon my face.
Happiness from within.

Sport's Oops!

My kind of gift basket!

Christmas Countdown : Day 5

Could I

Could I ever say something to make you love me?

Could I do something that would make you stand in awe of me?

Could I be the one you always dreamt of meeting?

If you know me, it is possible.

If you love me, I already have.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My, My

Well, my finial grades arrived by mail today.
I got A's in both classes!

Winter Solstice

December 21st is moving quick upon us, the Winter Solstice. It's fascinating to think how so many ancient cultures figured all this astronomy stuff out. It marks the reversal of the days shortening and nights lengthening. It represents the transition of the earth's axial tilt from being the farthest away from the sun, to moving to the closest. On Monday, December 21st, 2009, it will take place at 6:47 EST. I'm excited! Are you?

Christmas Countdown : Day 6


Well, I seem to have grasped the commenting problem but unsure what to do to correct it. It seems after doing some searching for answers, Blogger is having issues that are scattered about. I have learned to check not only my dashboard, where the comments should be, but also under the comment moderation tab, where they had never been before. I also have to check both places twice. Once to find them, and again after publishing to make sure they were in fact published. While all this is a bit of pain, I'm glad to know where they are, how to find them, but most importantly, that my readers are still leaving comments. Life can now resume!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Just wondering if anyone is having problems with commenting. While the hits have reminded the same, commenting has dropped to zilch. I have noticed trouble when trying to publish comments, such as incorrect counts, not publishing at all or losing some all together after publishing. The last two days I've had no comments to be moderated showing at all. I was wondering if I'm just not getting any or if the problems have extended itself into other areas. If you have left a comment that has not shown up, please send me a message via e-mail so I can pass it along to the support techs. I had hoped this problem was fixed last week. Have a great day!

My Christmas List

I haven't given much thought to what I want for Christmas this year. It isn't for a lack of interest. I realized I have everything I need, maybe not everything I want, but the needs are covered. I really don't see much point in packing more into this place. Sure they are some things I need to replace, but I'd rather wait till the new place is built to see what will really work best. I guess this list is gonna be rather short this year.

  1. New sweatpants and sweatshirts

  2. New flannel lounge pants

  3. Socks

  4. The new Harry Potter DVD

  5. A job (hehe)

Told you it would be a short list.

Morning Giggle

Thursday, December 17, 2009

God Is Watching

There are many times in my life, where I wonder if there really is a God. If so, then why does He allow such atrocities to to play out in the human race? Why hasn't He intervened? Why are people still getting away with hate, with violence, with genocide, with murder? Why hasn't He empowered the side of good with some unbeatable weapon against these evils?

I have yet to find any solid, definitive answer. I know what the Bible in it's mutilated form says. I understand the concept of faith. I grasp the concept of free will. I believe there in lies the answers to those burning questions. If God intervenes every time, where does faith come in? There is a difference in knowing something and having faith in something. If free will exist for evil it must exist for good as well, and by extension, for every shade in between. Maybe it is more a case of evil being more convinced or embolden than those of truth and righteousness. Maybe it has come to the fact that not getting involved is believed to be right. The problem with that is where does one draw the line? Where does one decide that being quietly on the sidelines in a neutral position is no longer an option? If history is any indicator, it would seem that when evil is firmly established and becoming a personal threat. It would seem that evil has firmer faith in it's convictions than good.

The majority of people don't want to become involved until it personally affects them or their family. Even then it takes a lot of evil to be moved to action. The assumption that someone else will handle it appears pervasive. Sadly, human nature being what it is, they either wait too long to become involved and much damage has already been inflicted, or they only take action after the evil has became entrenched and begins to spread. It would be so much easier to halt it early on. Much easier to contain it in it's infancy. So why do we wait to act at all?

Maybe our faith in God or some Higher Power to deliver us is to blame. The same thing that gives us strength also becomes our weakness. We fail to put our free will and our God given intellect to good use. Those are the unbeatable weapons against evil that God has given us. Instead, we prefer to be told what to do and when to do, than take responsibility and start it ourselves. Thankfully, there are those among us around the world that see it differently. And they are on the side of goodness, truth and righteousness. We call these people activist, liberals, and free thinkers. The history books are full of their stories. The ones that spoke out first, that raised the alarm, that got the ball rolling, that waited for the rest of us to reach the same conclusion that something had to be done. I, myself, am deeply thankful for them. I think more of us should join their ranks sooner, rather than later. The easiest way to be rid of a cancer is to catch it early and treat it aggressively and with tenacity. All acts of evil should be a call to arms and dealt with swiftly and harshly.

Christmas Countdown ; Day 8

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tusday Tease

" Mirror, mirror, on the wall.."

The Ugly Truth

Creating ugly isn't easy. Ugliness takes planning and a great deal of effort. One must put aside for a moment the natural tendency to make better any wrong. To side step truth and create a different narrative with circular logic to achieve the heinous effect desired. One must also develop a clever skill of concealment. It would appear that anyone can do this, if they have a vested interest in the outcome. Governments, religions, institutions, politicians, leaders of every stripe have under taken this mission. Somehow, they reasoned it was worth the effort to lie, distort, misinform, malign, or circumvent what was truthful, what was beautiful. History is full of these deeds and their perpetrators duly noted. Tales of how it went down, who didn't speak up, those who turned a blind eye to the ugly truth of what was happening are there in the margins. Recent events, here in this country and abroad clearly shows that those evil ways are still being propagated, without much pressure to cease. A strongly worded press release or embargo will only do so much. For those who do resist the evil tide, the weary fight is usually alone, or they are ill equipped to handle it. The beauty of mankind's humanity has a stain. It has soaked to the very fibers of a country's being. While time will expose all ugly deeds to the intense scrutiny of daylight, and will gradually fade, it will still be visible upon close inspection. Are the ones responsible for creating and maintaining beauty in this world, creative enough, strong enough, to cover over the stain with a new pattern to blend it away? Or will it become a scar for humanity to stare at over time while trying to recall how it happened? Those uglies have persisted throughout history around the world. Once, this nation was seen as great. We had moved beyond the ugly portions of our collective past. We considered ourselves enlightened, smarter, diligent, industrious, a world leader. We followed no one, they followed us. Now we are backsliding. The world community looks at us and wonders why we don't see what is plainly happening in front of our faces. They pity us. They mock us. They are waiting, like vultures to pounce at our demise. The ugly truth is we allowed all this to happen. We stayed silent and passive. We let incompetence rule the land and ignorance become vogue. The greatest question now is, will we allow it to continue?

Christmas Countdown: Day 10

What a gift!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mea Culpa

I've been considering my future employment opportunities lately. Right now the economy sucks and the job market is extremely tight. It makes me wonder if luck and determination with a certificate in Web Design will be enough to land me even an entry level job. My biggest concern is lack of practical experience in my newly chosen field. There is nothing to put on a resume that states I would be great at doing that type of job. Next semester we will begin building our portfolios. That will help to some degree. Also, the school offers a huge discount on software that financial aid will cover. I plan on availing myself to that so I can garner more practical experience with the software than just the time in the classroom. I've also been checking out job requirements for posted positions so I have a better idea of what companies are looking for and therefore what I need to focus on. Another idea I had is to even sign up for a few more classes in summer in an effort to build knowledge and maybe sneak in another certificate. I seriously doubt that as soon as I'm handed my paper, a job offer will be forth coming, so why not continue on while job searching? I'd love to have everything fall into place quickly, but that rarely happens to me. Plus there are still many things to be concerned with and dealt with next year.

I need some sort of income, but yet still have to find the time to help my parents ready their house for market, build a shop for my father, move a greenhouse, and start construction on my place, all the while job hunting, taking more classes and hopefully, living some sort of life. It is really a catch 22. Something has to give, I just am not sure what. My parents can't help me out forever, nor can they spend big bucks to get everything in order by paying someone else big bucks to do it. I'm cheap labor. On the other hand, I need a job, but require real computer skills to land it. If I managed to find any job at all, it limits the time to do everything else. Everything impinges on something else. It's a convoluted mess. I'm stuck in the middle of it. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. I know it will work itself out. Everything will fall into place in it's own time. I just wish I could see it coming a bit more clearly.

Magical Time

Have you ever really listened to the falling snow? It reminds me of little angel kisses as it slowly drifts down. Falling sleet sounds like the tinkling of fairy wings or what I imagine them sounding like as they flutter. Days are shorter, the nights longer. There is a quietness, a stillness that wraps you up, and holds you. It calms the soul, and quiets the mind. I love this time of year. The pace seems to slow and appreciation seems deeper for all the things we rushed by the rest of the year. Homes are deliberately made cozier by hearth and candlelight. We really want our guest to be happy and feel special when they visit. Extra attention is lavished on everything from dinner menus, to mantels, to lawn ornaments. The holiday season brings out the warmest wishes. It squeezes us together with familial ties. We are more accepting, more forgiving, more tolerant. The trimmings and trappings conspire against us to be more than we are the rest of the year. We make time for family and friends like once again they are important to us, instead of delaying visits and phone calls. Amazing what this time of the year does to people. The most magical time of the year.

What Season is Your Soul Connected to?

Your Soul Is Connected to the Spring

You are an optimistic, eternally hopeful person. No matter how dark things get, you always see the light.

You are open-minded and always up for a fresh outlook on life. You don't cling to ideas or beliefs.

You are sweet hearted and have good intentions. Even though you've seen a lot in life, you remain innocent.

People see you as playful and even a bit airy. You feel free to be yourself, and that's a beautiful thing.

Christmas Countdown : Day 11

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