Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Tease

Be nice to your Mummy!
Happy Halloween!

Costume Idea # 23

Simple yet effective.

Morning Giggle

This is either a costume idea or serving suggestion.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Step Quicker

Footsteps on gravel

Leaves rustling on the trees

Moonlight barely peeks through

A faint chill upon the breeze

No sound from bird or bug

Shadows across the path ahead

Dew and foxfire shimmer

A lump in your throat

Your heartbeat in your ear

The wind whispers your name

Clouds engulf the moon

Darkness wraps around you

Step quicker, man

It is All Hallow's Eve.

Software Update

Howdy y'all! I've had quite the adventure installing Windows 7 Professional over Vista Home Basic on my laptop! It has been a relative easy process, albeit, time consuming. I haven't lost much information and still trying to locate a few files that are still hiding somewhere on the hard drive. I was able to transfer most things very easily thanks to the new software. I was unaware however that this version, which was free through the college for students, doesn't really have any productive software suites with it. I've had to reinstall some of them from disk, but overall, it has been a happy experience. Vista was a pox upon my life and I'm glad it is gone. Good riddance to bad software! I keep y'all informed of how it's going!

Thank You!

Thanks to all my loyal readers!
I'm flabbergasted at your loyalty
to my little corner of the web.
Thank you all so much!

Halloween Idea # 22


What an adventure! Just installed Windows 7 on the computer. Posting may be werid till I can get everything transferred back over. Bear with me!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Ultra Creed

I dream a world filled with peace and love, prosperity and health.
I feel inspired by acts of compassion and selflessness.
I'm touched by the words and deeds of those around me.
I weep at violence and hate.
I revel in the simple joys of living each day given.
I appreciate those who have made it possible for me to have the life I now enjoy.
I hope that one day greed and ignorance will be eradicated.
I'm proud of who I am and what I stand for.
I strive to be best I can be.
I love this planet, it's wonders and it's inhabitants.
I trust in a higher power.
I want to be the change I want to see in the world.
I believe all things are possible.

Wednesday Tease

This is nice!

Halloween Idea # 21



Afternoon Giggle

A Halloween decorating tip.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cool Rain

Rainy night, cool breezes.
Fall temps keep you inside.
A roaring fire in the hearth,
a loyal dog at your feet.
Sitting in your wing chair,
your cardigan pulled tight.
A book in hand.
A snifter of brandy on the side table.
All is right with the world.

Tuesday Tease

Shades of gray for a rainy day.

Halloween Idea # 20

Pearls are appropriate with anything.

Sport's Oops!

Not sure how he hits,
but the ball did make contact with the bat!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

This is the floor plan for the new place.
It's not much, but it will be mine!
(And it beats this mobile home)

Monday Tease

Diving into the work week!
(This pic is so cool!)

Halloween Idea # 19

Bondage Vader

World of Wonder

What a great idea!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

God's Agenda?

Can you imagine what could have been done with the money that churches and religious folk have spent trying to deny marriage to same sex couples? I was taught that first and foremost God was about unconditional love. I was taught the the Golden Rule was paramount in church teachings. Also that the Ten Commandments where to be strictly adhered to. I was taught that we live under Grace (the new testament) not the Law (the old testament). That was the purpose of the sacrifice. While I no longer attend a church or believe in one single dogma, my religious studies have found the same basic tenants in most every major religion on the planet, even if expressed differently. The behavior of churches against the gay civil rights movement has been appalling, downright blasphemous. It smacks God in the face, regardless of what form he may take for you personally. Granted not all, support these attacks and do good works as directed, but they are accessories to the facts simply by not aggressively taking a stance against them. They are directed to do such when other followers are out of line with biblical teachings, to gently admonish them. How many people could have been fed, clothed, or sheltered? How many could have had their home saved or electricity restored or prescriptions refilled? How many could have truly been helped that are deeply suffering through this recession? Instead, the churches and other religious folk disobeyed God's word to help others, to treat them with respect, to force their view, their agenda on the nation. That is the greatest abomination.

Hope Held Out

I've seen the good and the bad

of humanity's many facets;

rough cut, brutish,

tenderness, compassion.

Waving banners of freedom,

while denying it to some.

Scornful, evil ways of profit

Honor laid waste.

Amazing dichotomy and hypocrisy

bundled together in this flesh.

Common good trampled

but hope held out.

Flickers of justice here,

an ember of logic there,

a spark of reason that ignites.

Tempest populace that groans

under burdens granted elsewhere.

Crumbling, decaying archaic views

because hope held out.

Saturday Tease

So many hot hunky men, they
are hanging out the windows!!

Pumpkin Patch

I know which one I'd pick!

Halloween Idea # 18

An S/M angel?

Sports Oops!

Doesn't appear that he manscapes.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mindful Repose

Beneath the sheltering oak,

in repose a figure lies,

lost in memories and thought.

Unseeing eyes stare out

into the world,

yet see it's entirety.

Mere whispers of

suggestions and hints

drift on the breeze.

Nature coddles the

unfettered mind,

embraces and invades it,

guides and nourishes it.

Insects still buzz 'round.

Leaves still flit.

Trees still reach heavenward.

The continuum swirls 'round,

whether the figure is there or not,

whether it is aware or not.

It is in stillness, in quietude

in reflection, in contemplation

that enlightenment occurs.
The divintity is found.

Halloween Idea # 17

Kinda cute.

What kind of Horror Movie Are You?

You Are a Monster Movie

Nothing makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up like a menacing monster, whether that monster comes from a lab or outer space.

You like horror movies with a lot of action and destruction. Of course you want the good guys to win in the end... but not until many people die first.

You appreciate the creativity involved with imagining the ultimate monster. The idea of an evil that is capable of anything both delights and frights you.

Your favorite movies have a unique take on the definition of monster. You go for movies like Alien, the Mummy, and King Kong.

World of Wonder


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Done Dozin'

The new road tile installed. My parents and I

will be sharing this. It will be their

upper drive to the garage.

From the east looking west towards my parent's.

From the north looking south, which will
be the front yard.

This is where my drive will be located.

This is the log pile. Don't let it fool you.
I'm 5'8" and it was taller than me!

Thursday Tease

OMG! Look at those abs!

Halloween Idea # 16

Who wouldn't want to
play doctor?

Morning Giggle

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Tease

Great torso!

When I Leave

When I leave this Earth,
do not weep for me.
Rejoice in the release
of my spirit from this vessel
of flesh and bone.
Celebrate my time spent
becoming me.
Recall the trials and triumphs,
the missteps and growth.
Mourn not, for thought
or deed left undone.
Let me wholeheartedly
rejoin the stars.
Let me truly become
one with the Earth.
And to those whom I
loved and deeply cared,
I will never have left you.
Let me go,
and be glad
I am free.
When my time comes
to leave this Earth.

Halloween Idea # 15

This could work in warmer climates.

Still Dozin'

Clearing part of the driveway area.

The tree line at the edge of the front yard.

Side yard.

Tree line for the back yard taking shape.

Still a few more trees to remove, then some rough
grading. More pictures to follow.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Tease

Sit back, relax.

Halloween Idea #14

I like this (or is it him?).

Here's Your Sign

Oh - La - La!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Tease

Does this guy give you
the warm fuzzies?

Worn Out!

I am so freakin', unbelievably exhausted right now, I can't hardly think straight. The 'dozer guy was pushing up trees and stumps from 7:30am to 5:15pm and I was right there with him too! He would push a tree down, I'd trim it up and cut it into 12 foot lengths. My father had a doctor's appointment so he missed the fun till about 11am. I managed to keep up with the 'dozer guy though. I have pics to post about how it is progressing, but right now I'm too tired to resize and post them. It is starting to look like a home place! Exciting, after 20 years of wondering if and when I could build there. Now, it finally seems it may just happen one day soon.

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