Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No on Prop 8

While there are many people that believe the church should have a say in what rights are granted and to whom, others disagree, even some from inside the church itself. The right to marry is not a religious issue. They may feel however they like based on their individual beliefs. That is their right to do so. This is a civil rights issue, plain and simple. The church is exempt by law to not follow this if it is against their belief. Those that wish to do so can. It is a simple choice. Not so simple to the same sex couples who wish to commit. That choice is being denied. That right is being denied. Someone else's right is trumping theirs. The whole issue is civil based. Now if the church truly is responsible for all marriages and the government should not be involved, then let us do away with all the laws and courts that deal with it. Let the churches handle the property matters, divorces, and child support. Think about that for a minute. If marriage is a religious institution only then they should handle everything related to it. It would only be fair. After all they are asking the government to stay out of it while they pursue actions to follow their beliefs.
Now those with rational minds could go ahead with civil unions, the secular side of marriage, the contract side. That would allow the church total control over marriage and the government control over the civil unions. The civil unions would be identical to the religious marriage in every way, except in name only. It would convey over 1100 rights, and responsibilities just like the religious marriages. The government could concern itself with contract side of unions with religion out of the equation. The civil unions could be between any legal age consenting couple of sound mind. It is the perfect answer to this dilemma.
But wait, isn't that what the government already does? They handle the civil side of religious marriage without the religious bias? Only dealing with what is fair and equitable for those involved in the contract. The churches have tax free status because they stay out of politics. Yet they want to be involved in the government extending the complete civil union rights to legal age consenting couples of sound mind to mirror that of what is currently the law of the land.
There seems to be some confusion about that. Child molesters (a crime involving non consenting adults), and bestiality (once more involving non consenting adults) and polygamist (many consenting adults) may one day be granted the right to marry if same sex couple are allowed to do it. The very basic tenant for a marriage or union is between two consenting adults. Children are not adults and can not consent. Animals can not consent because that can't say 'I do'. Polygamist can consent but it violates the two people aspect. It appears that their problems with the issue are founded in ignorance and misinformation. It doesn't appear to be about sanctity as much as conforming to someone else's belief system. And that is anti - American. Vote No on Prop 8.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crash Test Dummy

It would appear that one of the presidential candidates has a problem. A problem with crashing. Not the kind after a sugary high, but more of the crunching metal variety. The Navy seems to be covering up or blocking information about a car crash in 1964 by McCain. A news organization is suing for the release of information. Until then we can just go on what is available. Let me list the items of interest.
  • While in the Navy, McCain crashed 4 jets, one resulting in his capture and being held for 5 years as a POW.
  • McCain crashed a vehicle at the front gates of a Navy base that is being stifled by the Navy as to the exact details.
  • McCain was involved in the crash of an S&L, resulting in the Keating 5 investigation by Congress, in which he was reprimanded as having "bad judgement".
  • McCain has crashed the GOP with the selection of unvetted Sarah Palin for a running mate, that even some GOP supporters have said was "poor judgement".
  • McCain crashed the bailout hearings in Washington, though he contributed nothing by "suspending his campaign".

It would certainly appear that John McCain crashes alot because of bad judgement. Is this someone that really needs to be in charge of this country while it is already under duress? I'm not sure if we can afford more of John McCain's bad judgement or crash and burn mentality.


After reading about so much disparity in vote casting and registration, I would suggest after this election cycle ends, that some much needed reforms take place. Every state should use the same type machine, one that leaves a paper trail.The machine suppliers should be thoroughly investigated to ensure impartiality and punished if not. All ballots should be standardized and understandable on a 9th grade level. Registration should be automatic, when you are a citizen 18 years of age or older. Proof of ID can be anything from utility bills, any form of picture ID or a passport and presented at the time of voting. Voter rolls could be done away with, since everyone would be eligible to vote. Every state would be required to offer early voting and provide adequate machines based on population in their precinct. One body of law to deal with elections should be from the federal level with states doing the enforcing. The same restrictions could still apply; felons, non citizens, tourist, etc. Everyone would be unaffiliated. If you want to be associated with a certain party then you could take an extra step to join the party of your choice by becoming involved in their process. This may be an oversimplification but shouldn't a basic right be simple and unquestionable? That's my two cents.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ned the Plumber

While America has been focused on Joe the Plumber(who is neither a Joe or a plumber), my parents have been focused on Ned the plumber. I'm not sure what qualifications or references this guy had but it seemed okay by them. I'm the first to admit that plumbing is never glamorous or easy. To Ned, however, it must be a never ending source of torment. From the first few minutes of meeting him, he did more complaining than work. Even my parents noticed this. My mother actually took to avoiding him. My father and I were not as fortunate. This guy not only was constantly complaining about everything but slow as well. A one day job stretched into three.
He complained about the tile hurting his hip. I gave him a pillow to sit on. He complained about the height of the vanities hurting his back. I got a small footstool to raise him up. He complained about the sinks being to far back, he couldn't get the nuts on the bottom of the faucet. I put one on and bless her heart, my mother crawled under the sink and put the other on. (wish I had a camera for that.) He complained about drilling through the bottom of the cabinet and then the floor. I did that too. Then on top of all this, my father and I crawled under the house to run the hose from the dishwasher in the island to the sink while he stayed in the kitchen! He complained about the drains in the sink being toward the back of the basin and not in the center. He complained because he couldn't attach the top of the dishwasher to the underside of the granite counter tops. All the while, someone in the family was assisting him.
Finally, when all the complaining stopped and everything was done as far as he was concerned, he tallied up the bill. Over $400.00! Now I really don't consider that terribly high for 3 sinks, a dishwasher and an ice maker, if he had done it all himself and in one day. I asked my father after Ned the plumber left, as he was putting away his checkbook, " Did you deduct our services from the bill?"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Job Hunt

I interviewed for a job the other day. It sounds great, but I'm skeptical. It requires some training that is free, which I've already sign up for next month. It will require me to miss some classes, so I'll have to be prepared to either catch up or get ahead. It deals with things I'm familiar with, such as addictions, mental illness, and the problems it creates. I've certainly had my share of the latter two. they are willing to work around my school scheduling. It will make use of my computer and people skills, Even my enjoyment of paperwork. (weird I know). The draw backs that I can see are few. No benefits, less than I'm use to making, some driving people around to various places and not dressing above the clientele. The biggest concern is with some of the mental patients. Not that I have a phobia, but I'm not sure if I have adequate skill sets to handle that. I've always been a bit uneasy in their presence. I still treat them with respect and dignity, but always felt that I was doing something wrong by them. Hopefully the training will address that in some way. It seems to be on the right track for what I would like to do; help people. I still have to pass all the background checks which shouldn't be a problem. But I think if nothing else, it will be a great experience to learn and could lead to something greater later on. Also some sort of income during school is much better than a hand out from my parents. (Christmas is coming up soon.) I really hope I get offered the job. I guess I'll just have to wait to find out.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Deadly Sins

I was pondering how many people actually could name all seven deadly sins. I remembered six of them but had to look up the last. (I couldn't remember pride).
  • Lust
  • Gluttony
  • Greed
  • Sloth
  • Anger
  • Envy
  • Pride
I'm certainly guilty of lust, and sloth. Pride and greed no. Maybe gluttony, but I really don't overeat, I eat the wrong stuff and don't exercise enough anymore. How many are you guilty of?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I was reading on Joe.My.God. blog the other day about a teacher that got married. It was very interesting story. A first grade teacher and her partner decided to tie the knot. The students' parents thought it a good idea to surprise them after the ceremony. They helped celebrate a happy occasion. It was a good lesson for the kids. However, the zealots complained about indoctrination, perversion, blah, blah, blah ad nauseam. It would appear that those who opposed taking the grade schoolers on an outing celebrating love, commitment and family would rather have taken the kids to see a movie about war, or to a rally to overhear hatred and racist remarks or calling for death to a political opponent. For them love in any form is perverse. But hatred, discrimination, and violence is more appropriate for a grade schooler to witness. Says something about their family values, doesn't it?

One of Jesus' disciples asked (parapharsing)"What should they take away from his teachings?" He replied, " most importantly, Love, Faith, and Charity." When pressed further to chose the most important, He stated,"Love". Maybe some of those so called, family value Christian types should read their Bibles again.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Something I wanted to get off my chest ( other than the grey hair). I've been reading on the Internet the last couple of days about the carrying ons of the rally participates. That behavior is atrocious. It is unacceptable. It is despicable. It is uncalled for. It is dangerous. It is a disgrace to the United States of America and to fellow Americans. It has no place in decent society much less in a democratic one. These so called Christians with their convoluted views of right and wrong is woefully distorted. There is nothing christian nor democratic in their mob mentality. They do not behave Christ like nor represent true family values in any rational sense. They are foul and loathsome creatures of hate. These people represent the lowest of base behaviors in society. It is understandable to be uneducated and ignorant, but hatred and bigotry have no place in politics or the church. It is a crying shame to see this played out on a world stage. America was suppose to represent what was good and true and decent about the human race. NO LONGER! Not only has the GOP damaged our world wide reputation, we now have the our very citizens compounding it. The world has waited for this. The GOP's and right wing's 'holier than thou" attitude has corrupted our government and our churches. It was only a matter of time I suppose that Lady Liberty could no longer shield us from the ugliness inside our own borders. It is okay to disagree with a point of view, an opinion, a policy, but there are certain ways to display that are acceptable and others that are not. The GOP and it's right wing Christians supporters have turned this country into a cesspool. It wasn't the poor, the blacks, the Hispanics, the homosexuals, or anyone else they often seek to blame. They and they alone share the blame for the downfall of this country. The day of reckoning is quickly approaching. These groups and key individuals have had ample opportunity to do what is right and have chosen not to. They will answer for that regardless. The time has come. That time is now. Balance will be restored by it's champions and those that have opposed it, will become the new minority, marginalized by their own petty fears and ignorance.

Friday, October 10, 2008

1+1 = 2

The way I see this whole marriage thing is like this. It is a right not a privilege. It is about civil rights, equal rights under the law. If religion opposes it, that their religious right to do so. However, it is not their religious right to limit someones civil right or be involved in government matters. Marriage has two components. The civil part and the religious part. We are not seeking a religious right from churches. We are seeking a civil right from the government. Not special rights, equal rights. Our relationships should have the 1,100 or so rights, privileges, and responsibilities that straight marriage does. End of story. Nothing more. Nothing less. I personally don't care what it is called as long as it is unequivocally equal in it's provisions as a straight marriage. To not grant them to same sex couples, is to discriminate against taxpaying citizens who in every way is just American as the straights. The whole reproducing thing is a farce. Not all straight marriages are about reproducing or even love. Even my parents had to adopt. The sanctity of marriage is another farce. With a divorce rate hoovering around 48% to 50 %, it hardly seems the straights are taking it very serious. I read that in the UK, since same sex marriage was legalized there 4 years ago, only 10% have filed for separation. 10%! A whole lot less than 48% to 50%! If anything same sex marriage will strengthen the floundering institution of marriage. It sure can't make it worse than what the straights have already done. Since it has been a hard won right, we enter in to it more seriously. No quickie annulments after leaving Vegas. How is a same sex marriage gonna affect a straight marriage? That is ludicrous. If your neighbors have that much influence on your marriage, it wasn't much of a marriage. The end result is this. If you aren't for same sex marriage, then don't get one, but stay out of pursuit of happiness for others.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hanging On

Today is a weird day. I'm just not in the mood for class, though I know I have some things coming due. This is the bind that depression puts you in. The feeling of being torn between what you know you need to do and the reality you can't face. I was fortunate enough to be accepted by Health Quest for assistance with my medication. They even rushed filling my prescription for me since I had been out for so long. The down side is it takes weeks to build up in your system to become effective. I guess I'll be muddling along till then, fighting the good fight and trying to overcome the effects of moods I can barely control. But all is well and looking brighter by the day. When you reach the end of your rope, you have to tie a knot and hang on.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Let's Review

I hope this can be read. It may be too small. How many do you adhere to? How many does your candidate?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Depression 101

For anyone who suffers from depression, just let me say, "You are not alone". I have dealt with it most of my adult life. I understand how it is to try to face each day. I wanted to let others know how I felt but talking about it always sounded like whining or just plain stupid. Trust me, the best thing you can do is talk about it to anyone who will listen. You must understand that it isn't your fault. You are not bad person because of it. You are not defective in any way. It is just one of those things that happens to a person for a variety of reasons. Sometime it can be events in your life. Sometimes it may be organic in nature. The only true way to figure it out is talk to your doctor. You have nothing to be ashamed of or lose, and everything to gain.
Some of the most common symptoms are:
  • feelings of hopelessness
  • lack of joy in things
  • withdrawal and isolation
  • thoughts of death or suicide
  • feelings of worthlessness
  • loss or increase in appetite
  • change in sleep patterns
  • apathy

If several of these symptoms are present to varying degrees and lasting longer than 2 weeks, you should certainly consider a visit to your doctor to discuss it. Depression can rob you of your joy and even your life if untreated. The occasional bad day or even couple of days isn't cause for concern. If these feelings are present, with no obvious outside cause, then please consult a professional.

There are several types of depression. Only a doctor can properly diagnose which is troubling you. Some only require some time and a sympathetic ear. Other types require medications and long term therapy to develop strategies and behaviors to help cope. But there is help. You are not alone.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Under Construction

When my grandfather passed away in July, he left behind a home he had lived in for 37 years. I remember playing on the foundation when it was being built. There are a lot of memories there for all the family members, but I believe I spent the most time there of all of them. My parents are getting older and their health and stamina isn't what it use to be. I live about 5 miles from them so I know when the time comes to take care of them, it will be my responsibility. I don't mind one bit either. They have taken care of me through some of the worse times in my life. I feel honored to return the favor. My parents are renovating his house, putting their personality on it. It really is starting to look nice again. My grandfather in his later years did very little upkeep on it and it was really needing updating and some repairs. He could have afforded to do it, even pay someone if need be, but toward the end of his life it became apparent that his money was going elsewhere. My mother discovered that a "lady" from church that had know both him and my grandmother for years had been poor mouthing him. He has always been generous. The best we can figure is he gave her around $30,000 over the last few years of his life. He would literally do without the things he needed to be able to give her money. That was a very ugly episode to say the least, when my mother confronted him about it.
Now that he is gone and my parents aging, they decided to move from a larger home with way too much land into something more manageable. I've been helping out. being unemployed has definitely been a plus during this. Now when they give me money, it feels less like charity. Trees have been cut. New kitchen cabinets and appliances. A new front porch and roof. And the list goes on. During the last month before my grandfather died, there were times when he didn't recognize his own house. I'm sure if he and my grandmother is watching all the activity now, they would be happy that the old place is having new life breathed into it. I think he can still recognize that it was once where he lived. My grandmother would have loved the new kitchen.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What Would Jesus Do

It is my firm belief that those who wish to do another group harm, either through their action, inaction or words are truly the minions of Satan, whether they claim otherwise or not. Many wars have been fought over religion or in the name of God. My understanding of the Bible does not support such action. My God doesn't expect violence or discrimination perpetrated in His name. My God requires love and forgiveness to enter his Kingdom. My God does not condone hate or malice toward others while claiming to be doing His will. The god of these other so called "Christians" is not the true God. The Bible does not teach hate, nor preach politics. It merely ask for faith and obedience. Those who take a different approach will one day find themselves answering for these misdeeds done in His name. The ones that have allowed people their choice and their dignity, their humanity, will sit before God, bathed in righteous light. The others in their twisted piousness will be cast down into the pit of Hell.

There is no degrees of sin. No one is without sin. No one except God can judge a person's sin. Those that say homosexuality is a sin do not have the context correct. Yes the Bible says it is an abomination. It also says "wearing cloth of two fibers" is an abomination. It also says "eating shellfish" is an abomination. Are these people saying they are without sin? Are these people saying they have the same right as God to determine what a sin is and how it will be judged? If you truly hope to be doing God's work, you should understand the context. A great mind will search for truth on it's own. A small mind will believe what it is told.

A great website to help shed light on these issues is If you truly consider yourself to be a Christian, then you owe it to yourself to learn and understand what that truly means. You then owe it to God to put it into practice.

Use the Force

I need some balance in my life. I remember when I was younger, I worked, hung out with friends, visited my parents, dated, worked out and enjoyed life. Now I spend my days trying to help my parents get their new house in order (my grandparent's old home), going to school, and massive amounts of time on the Internet. I realize some of my problem comes from depression and the isolation it brings. Having lost so many friends over the years, there truly are none left to hang with. I know some of it is the unhealthy dependence I have on my parents while in school and unemployed. The fact that I even admit this is good, but I really need a change. I've gotten fat and lazy. I seem to have just given up on the things that matter to me. That may even be the reason I can't seem to locate my future. I know how I want my life to be; I just can't seem to get everything in sync. Considering my history, getting it all in order isn't going to happen overnight. So I'm trying to set obtainable goals, within a loose timeline.
  • working out
  • finishing school
  • make new friends
  • being more domestic
  • being around other people
  • being involved

It's a small start. But a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. These are mine.

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