Thursday, June 28, 2012

Date Update

Well,where to start?

Jerry and I didn't get to meet Sunday. A bad storm came through about the time I was getting ready and knocked the power out for couple of hours. We haven't rescheduled yet, but most likely will. We have since emailed and texted. So guess things are still good despite Mother's Nature's monkey wrench.

Today Wes and I met for lunch. Well, let me say, he needs to update his profile a bit. He may have been a bodybuilder at some point in his life, but currently he has a rather large paunch hanging over his belt and maybe some decent biceps, though nothing to warrant asking guys who read his profile to "know their way around a gym." The conversation however was very nice and flowing, except the part where he mentioned he will be turning 59 on his birthday in November. His profile said 55 and I was stretching my limit with that age. He did offer to pay for lunch which was sweet, but I declined and paid for my own. We both have been to the naked pool. He thought it would be a great money and gas saver to ride together.  He was gonna prepare a schedule to see what worked for us.  At the conclusion, he asked if I would mind buying something to use my discount. Once I told him it had to be on a prepaid credit card, he had to think about it. I'm thinking to myself, "Shouldn't we get through lunch first?" Thankfully, going into this, I had low expectations which he met. I seriously doubt there will be another date.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just Saying

Effort + Consistency = Change
Effort + Mood = No Change
~ Ultra Dave

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just Sayin'

"Conscience is the slap in the back of the head when you know better. Karma is the kick in the ass when you did it anyway." ~ Ultra Dave

Important Dates

As mentioned in another post.....I've piqued the interest of a few fellas and have chatted with several.

Last night I met Mike after work for drinks and a few games of pool at a local gay sports bar. It was very nice! Sweet guy with a great sense of humor and sparkling blue eyes. He's 50 and 6'1". I'm hoping to see him again.....soon hopefully!

This evening I'm meeting Jerry for ice cream. He is 45 and 6'4". We have chatted for a while. I like the way he types, meaning he conveys ideas very well. He seems to be cautious and a little reserved in his missives, but flirty and fun.

Thursday after work, I have plans to meet with Wes. A bodybuilder, 55 years old and 6'4". He is very professional in his communications. However he does have a fun side that intrigues me.

I'm looking forward to meeting Jerry and Wes......and really hope to see Mike again. I'm putting myself out there. It's kinda scary and exciting at the same time. I'm happy at the moment with this aspect of my life. Now if I could get a better paying job and a house in which to entertain in, I'd say my life would be close to perfect.

This morning I am #180 pounds. Only 10 more to go to my target weight, and tighten it all up.....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Body, Old Mind

Since losing a little weight and getting into better shape with more of both to come, and having updated all my profile pics, I've been receiving emails, chat request, pokes, likes, comments, smiles, winks, gropes etc. galore! I'm loving it! While I think basing interest solely on looks or body type is rather shallow, I freely acknowledge that humans, men in particular, are very visual creatures. I have several ongoing, in depth exchanges with a couple of fellas now that show a bit promise for something more than a roll in the hay. While the exterior of me has been revamped, the personality and character is the same. I still know what I want and expect from someone. That hasn't changed, nor can I ever see it doing so. But the simple act of improving the outside has opened up more choices. I'm the same as I ever was with better marketing and packaging. I'm curious as to where this journey may lead. I'm finally excited about the social/sexual prospects it brings. Right now, I'm testing the waters, combining all I've learned from my past dating experiences, with the "new" found body, and moving toward a more complete happiness. No, I don't think a man can complete me or make me happy, that is mere icing on the cake. But the better I look, the better I feel, the more confident I become. It is actually helping me become a better rounded person. Helping me match the exterior me to the interior me. I'm completing myself so to speak. Stay tuned for further updates. My weight this morning is 182 pounds.

Ignorant Americans

My coworkers and I  have touched upon the subject of education of late. We are pretty much in agreement that the American education system is now a joke, and mostly to blame is the failed policy of "No Child Left Behind." Of course, the dumbing down of America is a benefit to a certain political party. The ignorant and uniformed are easier to manipulate and control, easier to stir into a frenzy on emotional issues than the better informed, educated critical thinkers among us. Whomever thought that holding entire classrooms of students back at the lowest performers level was a great idea should first apologize to America and all those students, then be flogged and locked away in prison for at least 10 years. Thanks to this one policy in particular, the last generation can barely form complete sentences, have no clue about history of this country or any other, nor reach well thought out, researched conclusions on their own. It is a sad, sad day for America that this was allowed to happen. Sure everyone that graduates now can take test and perform at a minimum 9th grade level, but isn't graduating high school about performing at a 12th grade level or higher? This nation no longer keeps pace with the rest of the world. We no longer dominate in anything other than military spending. The ignorance is rampant and that is the way certain politicians want it. If their ideas, policies, results, etc. are never challenged then they retain the power and control. So when it comes time to vote this November, among all the other issues that carry weight on your decision, please take a moment and consider which candidate wants to improve education opportunity for everyone and wants  to improve the collective IQ of America.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Overview

This is the first Father's Day with out him around. It's kinda surreal. I still expect him to show up at some point during my visits. Either to come around the corner into the room or come in from outside or even be standing near the outbuilding when I drive up, but atlas, it isn't to be. I guess it is slowly sinking in. My mother and I went to eat lunch together today and we discussed it. She shed a few tears. I held back though I wanted to join her. We mentioned it again once home. We talked about how it use to be. How much he loved to be outside doing something, anything, instead of inside, sitting on the couch, watching the activities. She misses him something terrible. So do I. There is something missing. Something we can never have again. But we are coping. Making do the best we can. Taking life as it comes. What else can we do? Life goes on, whether you like it or not, ready or not. Sometimes you have to be like a little rolly polly bugs that ball themselves up in a knot to protect yourself. You present a tough shell exterior while inside you hope it is enough to weather the storm. You get through it somehow. You may not be the same afterward, but that isn't always a bad thing. It makes you stronger and more resilient in the end. Or so I hope. I know it will get better, the coping part anyway. The void will never be filled no matter what. But I keep moving on. There are many things to do, to keep me busy. I'll keep doing them until I can't any more, then I will find something new to do.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! 
Life isn't the same without you! Thank you for being the best father a son could have. You're wisdom guides me. You're strength carries me. You still live on in my heart. And I miss you everyday. 
I love you Daddy!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


  Me at #184

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Heavy Things

As of this morning, my weight is at 184! Woohoo! My goal was 185, so take that fat!
I'm excited! I'm thrilled! So far, so good. If I can stay the course, I should hit my goal weight of 170 in another 4 weeks.......yippie!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is Tommy's birthday. He turns 47, the same age as me. While the journey hasn't always been the smoothest or gone the way I would have liked, I still consider him a dear friend and hold many fond memories of our times together. I enjoy the hell out of his company and wish him the best birthday ever! Happy Birthday Tall Guy!

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