Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Snow

Well, we had the first snow/ice/sleet of the year. About an inch and a half of the stuff. It is frozen solid this morning. I took Izzy out this morning and neither of us could hardly break through the crust. He was slipping trying to get traction. LOL. It was just too funny. I had to take a garden hoe to the car windows and hood. It was so thick and hard, my ice scraper would even penetrate it, much less move it! Thankfully, the store across the street was open to day. I walked across, slipping and sliding a wee bit to pick up some soda and chocolate (the necessities). I couldn't budge the car up my slippery little driveway. Depending on the conditions Monday morning, I'm not certain if I will venture to to the Polkton campus for class. I'm very hesitant to try that 50 mile round trip if the road isn't clear. I heard in town the roads aren't that bad, but getting into town is the problem. Hope everyone has a safe and warm weekend!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Are You A Sheep?

You Are Sometimes a Sheep

You don't think there is anything wrong with going with the flow, and that includes following the crowd.

You enjoy getting along with other people, and if possible, you prefer not to make waves.

However, you aren't the type of person to follow anyone blindly. You'll stand up for what's important.

You don't waste your energy on fighting battles that don't matter. But when something important is on the line, you'll always stand your ground.

Saturday Tease

Oh, to be that slim again!

Morning Giggle

" And then he said...."

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are You A Brainiac?

You Are a Total Brainiac

You're amazingly brilliant. Some would even say genius.

You're curious, thoughtful, analytical, and confident.

You take on difficult subjects because you want to... not because you have to.

No field of knowledge is too complicated or intimidating for you.

You've got the brains to do anything you want.

It's possible you end up doing everything you want.

Thursday Tease

Gettin' ready for......

Unknown Mass

My mother has been a breast cancer survivor for 15 years. She went for her yearly mammogram this afternoon. All have been clear, except today. It appears there is a mass that is not suppose to be there. It couldn't be determined if it was scar tissue from her surgery or lymph nodes. Tomorrow, she goes for a biopsy to see if the cancer has returned. She is now 70, and not as strong as she once was. It concerns me if it is cancerous and she has to undergo surgery and chemo again. I'm worried she may not make it this time. Of course, we need to know the results of the biopsy first, before tearing off on a tangent.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Tease

The weekend is looking
pretty good about now!

My View

I've been half heartily following the Prop 8 trial, but by all accounts, I can see no other outcome but to over turn it. Maybe I'm biased or just over optimistic, or even have too much faith that the judges will do the right thing. I'm hoping for the best and planning for the worst. Anyone who believes in separation of church and state, that is sworn to uphold the law whether it contradicts their personal beliefs or not, can plainly see by this trial, that there is no real choice but to overturn Prop 8. Not to do so, would undermine everything this country is suppose to stand for and go against the Constitution itself. I can only hope, pray, wish, dream that court will do the right thing for my people.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Tease

Just waiting for you....

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Tease

May the rest of the week be a smooth ride!

Here's Your Sign!

Today in School

Well the first test of the semester in my business class is over. I thought I had done a very good job of it. I passed with a 90. Still an "A", but it could have been a 100, if I had read the two questions I missed more closely. I hate it when I do something so stupid as that. Oh well, there are other test to bring it up. I'll just have to pay closer attention next time. Live and learn.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Forever Yours

Coddled in your warmth.

Dreams are much sweeter.

Your scent subdues me.

Embraced within your arms.

Soft kisses upon my shoulder.

Chills down my spine.

Wrapped tightly under your spell.

Mesmerized and speechless.

Forever yours.

Here and ever after.

Early Morning Rain

It's raining here this morning. It's suppose to turn heavy this afternoon, with the potential for flash floods. Oddly, I'm already flooded with memories this morning. Last night I was dreaming of a lot of my friends that are no longer here. We were having such a great time. I remember how happy and fulfilled I felt before waking up to the cold reality that it was only a dream and they are still dead. It was interesting, cause it wasn't memories of any particular place or event. It was totally fictional, but the faces and personalities were as I remember them. Lots of laughing and silliness, just all of us hanging out together again. It felt really good. I haven't felt that way in years. I hated to wake up and spoil it. As the morning has worn out, and the rain continues to fall, the crispness of the images are slowly fading. The warm feeling too. Reality sets in and my mind now turns to homework, and studying for a test on Monday. I know my friends are always with me even if we can no longer hang out or chat like once before. I take comfort in that.

Just Wondering

  1. Do you think the United States spends too much money abroad that could be better spent here in this country?

  2. How does one make friends exactly? I'm a little rusty.

  3. Is America as great as it once was or has it declined past redemption?

  4. Do you think the Supreme Court ruling for corporate political ads was a very stupid thing to do? Can it or should it be reversed?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Does Your Eye Color Say About You?

Your Brown Eyes Say You're Clever and Witty

You are seen as brilliant and irreverent. You speak your mind, and people love you for it.

You don't let other people see any insecurities you might have. You like to present a brave front.

You are sharp as a tack and very quick on your feet. You're the first to get or tell a joke.

You are also clear thinking in a crisis. You are an excellent problem solver.

Saturday Tease

Doesn't that look yummy?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We The People

I was thinking this afternoon of all the strife in the world. It disturbs me greatly at the state of this country in particular. A nation with such promise has failed miserably. It has let fall by the wayside it's greatness. Tarnished it's halo. And for what? Profit it seems. Money has corrupted this country. Greed has become it's master. Money was once an instrument, a tool, used to do great and wondrous things. Now it is a noose around the neck, slowly strangling the good from the country. Corporations now rule the land. It only matters that their coffers are full. Instead of a social responsibility once shown by the former titans of industries of long ago, the CEO and Board of Directors of these companies see dollar signs. There is no great philanthropy left. No goodwill to spread. They earn bonuses for crippling the economy, keeping wages stagnate, and making sure that those who do have, keep it. And those that don't, never get it. We the people, let them and smiled and asked for more. Boost our stock portfolios, mail us our dividend was our mantra. We never questioned. We never demanded. We accepted. We let them lobby our government instead of telling them hands off. We let them by never saying loudly, or often enough, that the people of this country come first. That the citizens come before profit. We let them and now they are in control. Are we gonna retake control of our government for the people, not the corporations? Are we gonna give up our environment, our health care, our educations, our futures for their bottom line?

Another Day

Sadden and hopelessness moved in while we slept.

Our watchdog failed us.

Our alarm didn't sound.

Another battle to wage, another argument to win.

Pushed aside, used up, left behind again.

Red with blood the streets do run.

The air filled with sirens.

Hearts tainted with hate.

Turn away, run away, fight another day.

That's well and good,

but that day has come.

What Kind of Pancakes Are You?

You Are Blueberry Pancakes

You prefer flavorful, fresh foods that are well seasoned.

You shy away from anything plain or overcooked.

It's not likely someone would find a lot of cheap convenience foods in your kitchen.

Instead, someone might find a wide array of spices, herbs, and flavorings.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Tease

Something to contemplate.

School Thus Far

Thus far school is going very well, for the most part. In the online class there has been some issues with some of the things we needed to download for our assignments. Hopefully, that has been resolved. I currently have 5 one hundreds in that class, but this last assignment I wasn't able to do because of the issues with their site and my computer. Something just wasn't jiving. The teacher has extended the deadline a little so with some luck, I'll get it submitted soon. The other classes are moving quickly. I have my first test on Monday in the Business class. I'm still debating on what to do for a business plan. The bath house is a bit out there for me to truly consider however much I like the idea. It is still between a men's clothing store, a nightclub/bar and a non profit organization. Still time to weight in with a thought or comment on that. Well time to start on some homework.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Tease

Wonder what he is hiding?

Here's Your Sign

Sounds like a venereal disease symptom.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Funky Train Has Derailed

My funk has lifted! Woohoo! The last couple of days have been weird for me. I just wasn't my perky, optimistic self. I know part of it was due to just feeling a bit sorry for myself and my current predicament. I can't do much it about so I reconciled the fact that there is only so much I can do. I'll just keep moving forward. I have also lessened the obsession/crush. I figure it will happen whenever and I'm not going to worry about it! Suddenly everything seems fine again. Funny how that works!

Monday Tease

The best way to exercise! Naked!

Are You Kinky?

You Are 45% Kinky

You're quite kinky, and you've been known to be somewhat adventurous in the bedroom.

But you also have a pretty firm line that you won't cross!

You know what you like. And you know what you don't like. And that's that.

You're willing to experiment a little, but you prefer your kink in very small doses.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


What are friends? The people who enter your life through an unforeseen event, that leave an indelible mark upon your life; that shape your thoughts, your habits, your personality and your interest. That lift you up when you are down. That cheer you on when you think you can go no further. A special group of people that treat you kindly and just. That overlook your faults and praise your talents. The group of people that show you who are at your core and who you can become. Friends are the champions of good in all of us and subtle reminders of the best mankind can offer another human being.

Winter's Morn

A new day dawns with promises despite the rain.

Snug under the covers with the pooch by my side.

Listening to the patter of rain on the window pane.

Thoughts of what to do today looms large.

Just laying there listening to the the dog breath.

Alone with my thoughts.

Clearing the dreams from my eyes.

Wishing you were here to cuddle up to.

Remembering the tenderness once shared.

The conversations that weren't necessary.

The joy of just being on a cold, rainy winter's morn.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Piece Of The Puzzle

I think there is a fine line between love and stupidity, often blurred, but easy to recognized when crossed. I use to veer into the stupid category more often than not. I give too much of myself, my time, my money too soon in a budding relationship. I was trying to show interest or commitment, but it usually came across as desperate and made me easier to manipulate. Having learned from experience, I tend to venture too far in the other direction now out of caution and come across as aloof, or heaven forbid, intimidating. I withhold the joy that once was unbridled and given free rein. Somewhere in the middle is the balance I've yet to find. I don't like holding back when I'm guienuely into someone, but if I don't I overwhelm them. I run the risk of either smothering them or seeming needy and clingly. Neither are particular attractive traits. I guess one day I'll learn to moderate my behavior a little better. It is easy to fall into old behaviors, even when you are aware of them. I'm a very intense and expressive person and applying the brakes isn't my style, but for the sake of not frightening a potential boyfriend I need to control it better. I have learned not to expect them to read my mind and not be disappointed when they don't clue into every little hint I throw their way. That is deeply unfair to both of us. I also have become aware of not becoming defensive or possessive in these matters. I don't really expect them to drop all their friends to spend time with me, but it would be nice to be included in that circle sooner rather than later. I think friends offer a valuable insight to a potential boyfriend. I have to realize that they had a life before I came along, a history I may be unaware of, just as I do. I'm an open book, too much so sometimes. Someone who is less forth coming than I, concerns me until everything is known. Hence the defensive, possessive posturing as a defense mechanism. Relationships are difficult even without those burdens from the get go, especially when either party isn't convinced they want to undertake the journey with the other. I guess as much as I like someone, nothing will change the fact that it isn't solely up to me. It has to a mutual endeavor or it is destined to fail before it ever begins and damage whatever was there beforehand.

Saturday Tease

Friday, January 15, 2010

Marriage 101

Marriage. Interesting what comes to mind when someone mentions the word. Pictures of perfect nuptials, expensive meals, jet setting honeymoons, flashing diamonds, caterers, photographers, musicians, etc. For most people the reality is somewhere between the glamorous, made for prime time version and a trip to the local Justice of the Peace. Beyond the clergy and the religious cloak this institution is shrouded in, lies what a marriage truly is. Strip away all the decorations, the guest list, the personal vows and what is left? A contract. Not that exciting is it? A contract between two consenting adults that wish to support one another for the rest of their life's. This contract also carries 1138 special provisions attached to it that governs, defines and expands upon the simple "I do". It touches every part of their lives from that moment on. Health care decisions are explicitly deferred to the other without challenge. Survivor benefits are delivered upon proof. Property transfers are easier, as is anything else a marriage contract covers. Everything is in order after that simple utterance. For anyone who thinks it isn't a contract, let me break it down further.

When a divorce takes place, it is in a court, not a church. A lawyer is hired to untangle the mess, not a priest. For the marriage to be valid, a license from the government, not the church is needed. The clergy must be ordained by the church but authorized by the state, for a marriage to be valid. For the two people to be joined in a marriage, they both must be of legal, consenting age, and must enter into it of their own freewill, same requirements for a contract to be valid.

The religious argument should extend no further in this debate of same sex marriage, than whether a church will perform them or not. End of discussion. Churches are free to practice their beliefs as they see fit. They do not have the right to define who can enter into a contract with another person. They do not have the right to enshrine their beliefs and values into laws that govern those outside of their faith. Marriage has always been about the transfer of property and wealth, even in their own holy text, it is clearly spelled out. Marriage has undergone numerous redefinitions throughout history. Most of what would have been allowed in the Bible would be unfathomable now. Marriage may have a certain sacredness in religion, but in real life, half of those who partook consider it disposable, yet will seek to enter into another marriage contract again with a different person. If churches wish to save the children, then start by keeping marriages together, not by preventing them.

Friday Tease

I'm all a tingle!

Deeply Disturbing

Lies passed as truth that goes unchallenged.

Ignorance is commonplace as something lofty to be obtained

Religion as law because your god is better than my god.

Knowledge is suppressed to control the masses.

Hate placed on a pedestal, shielded from view.

There is blood on those pious hands and a hole in your heart.

A world in chaos and you stir the pot and stoke the fire.

You speak not for God, but for your own insecurities.

The world threat you see is the reflection of your own soul.

Deeply disturbing.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ho Hum............

At the moment, I'm uninspired. I really can't think of anything to focus on for a post. I have ideas and thoughts running around my head, only to desert me when I begin to type. While I focus on different things throughout the day, in the evening, in the quietude of home, all those clever little things I thought would be a great topic, just disappear. Poof! They're gone! So if this weaves like a drunk, just over look tonight.

I still have not heard from the blind date fella. I assume I won't and have moved on. I will not call him strictly on principle, but also, I'm not that desperate.

I still wait patiently for Jeff to sweep my off my feet and to our fairytale wedding, after a whirlwind romance of course. Ain't holding my breath on that one either. But at least we email occasionally.

I'm helping my father paint the old place. That has been a chore, but I actually enjoy it. I can really get into a zone while painting. There is much to be done there and at the other place still. It will be interesting to see how it all comes together at some point.

Not much to worry with for school at the moment. So far, so good. I'm certain that will change as the semester progresses. I'll enjoy it while it last.

For now everything seems to be in the familiar holding pattern. It's like watching a status bar for a download using an old dial-up modem. You tap the screen to see if it's stuck. That's the way it feels anyway. Not bad, not good. Nothing to get depressed over. Nothing to get excited about either. It is what it is. I'll just keep watching the status bar for now.

Thursday Tease

The work boots and gloves does it for me!

Art Appreciation

This would look great in the foyer!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

School is........

Well the first week of school is behind me now. It wasn't too bad. My afternoon class is beginning to remind me of elementary school with all the damn group activities we do. The subject matter is vaguely interesting and some of the people are too talkative, but otherwise, I don't see it being a difficult class to pass. The evening class is great. My favorite teacher returns and it is about web design, specifically software that I need to learn. Again, I don't foresee any problem with it. The online class is still a bit enigmatic. There hasn't been any difficult task thus far, but I know it is coming soon. I think I will pass it but it is sure to give me fits over the coming weeks. Overall, I don't think it will be a bad semester. I just need to keep up with all the reading and written assignments. I've got my fingers crossed.

Wednesday Tease

Doesn't this look enjoyable?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Wondering

  1. What exactly are the lines between crush, obsession and stalking?

  2. How does one move from friendship to relationship with someone?

  3. Do you think the economy is improving?

  4. Is it wrong to have my wedding planned without a boyfriend first?

  5. What improvements would you suggest to make myself more employable?

Tuesday Tease

Monday, January 11, 2010


Today may be the day or maybe tomorrow.

Who knows for certain what lies before us.

A happenstance that takes us by surprise.

A moment that makes us gasp.

That instance our eyes lock.

The moment our hearts open.

The minute we let someone in.

Glorious it will be, shaded in doubt and lit in promise.

Jittery first steps and tentative touches

reaching, wanting, needing

it to be everything we had hoped.

We will get there.

We can bring it into being.

A chance is all it takes.

The Perfect Consumer

What makes a perfect life? Is it money? Job? Love? Real Estate? Education? To every individual it means something different, or even the above mentioned in some degree or another. Since I can not speak for everyone, nor would I want to, I speak for myself.

My entire adult life has focused on just a few things. The things I consider paramount for a satisfying life. A nice home to share with someone I'm deeply in love with and money enough for our needs, both present and future. Rather simple. I don't need much as long as the basic are covered. This period of unemployment has taught me a lot about the emphasis I placed on material things in my life. The reality has been quiet the rude awakening, but in a good way. I'm not ready for the spartan, monastic lifestyle, but trimming back on all the little extras isn't as detrimental as I once thought. Life without money, or even life without enough money has a way of sharpening your focus on just how much unneeded crap one can accumulate if one isn't careful. All those small expenditures really add up over time. I'm actually happy about this discovery and new found self control. I like the fact that I'm no longer a mass consumer, but a thoughtful user of resources. I've learned to live on much less. Of course the struggle to get by is horrible, but I realize once I return to the work force, my needs will not increase much more at all. Yes, I will spend money on things I've had to do without, such as cable and a full tank of gas. I will treat myself to a bit more entertainment away from home within the company of people, instead of parked at the computer for hours on end. I will have to update my wardrobe to replace what no longer fits or suits the job I land. But outside of those few things, no more money on magazines, or little trinkets to sit around and dust. When something needs to be replaced I'll find the best quality I can afford with in my budget. No more purchasing stuff just because I like it or the price was too good to pass up. I'm gonna keep my belt tight and not become a slave to consumerism again.

Monday Tease

The Unknown Comic is fuzzy.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Terrible News

It's a sad day today. A dear friend of mine has lost his father. I've known this fella since the early 80's. We just recently reconnected on FaceBook and resumed our friendship where we left off so many years ago. I think a great deal of him. I'm so sad for him, I want to cry. His father has been in bad health for sometime. Yesterday morning, he fell in the bathroom, striking his head on the toilet. Today, after the family gathers, they will turn off the ventilator and say their goodbyes. My heart breaks for the family and my friend. You are in my thoughts and prayers buddy.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

WOW !!!!!

Thanks to all my readers and followers!
This has been an incredible ride!

Unknown Joy

There is promise in your eyes.
A chance at joys unknown.
I'll ride the ripple of time between us,
for I know what I see,
for I know what I feel.
It is all true.
Unspoken words fill the distance.
A multitude of possibilities,
the outcome still unsure.
It is the hope therein,
behind the smile and beating heart.
Warmth, depth, love contained,
both chaste and wild,
strong but neglected.
There is promise in your eyes.
And a chance for joys unknown.

Saturday Tease

Wanna cuddle?

Here's Your Sign!

You never know when you
will have to drop them!

Friday, January 8, 2010

What's Your Plan?

As mentioned in an earlier post, I will have to complete a business plan for a major portion of my grade for one class. Long time ago, I did one for an art gallery. I've since tinkered with one for a nightclub, a jewelry store, a men's clothing store, a home decor store and one for a charitable organization. I could see myself doing all of them in real life. This assignment hasn't been discussed yet in class so there is time to decide, but knowing how involved they are, I'd like to start gathering information now. My question to my gentle readers is this; Which would you chose? Or would you suggest something different for me based on what you have gleaned from my blog? Just drop me a note in comments. It will be appreciated!

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