Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Tease

Get a room.....with a camera!

Afternoon Giggle

What Color Would Help You Right Now?

You Could Use Some Red

Your life may seem to be in a rut right now. Your wheels are turning, but you're not going anywhere.

You feel like you could be getting so much more out of every day, but you don't know where to begin.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Tease

Feeling a bit stretched...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pool Party

Last night's pool party with the old high school gang! Good times!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cheese With Your Whine?

Obviously, this isn't a good day for me. I'm hot, frustrated, broke, disillusioned, and horny. And only one of those can I do anything about. I'm gonna rant just because I damn well feel like and I have nothing better to do. I'm not going worry about it making sense or whether it rambles.
I've tried my best to be a good person. Am I perfect? Hell no. Why is it that I never seem to make any progress in my life. I'm not talking about the just the last two years either. It is always 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. I can't seem to get ahead. Is it because I'm too nice? Maybe I need to be a big, self serving bitch. Maybe I need to have the attitude that everyone owes me something. Maybe I should just resort to doing evil things. Whatever I'm doing is certainly not paying dividends. Fuck that shit about your reward is in heaven. I want a fucking house, a boyfriend, a nice car, sweet vacations and a fucking job, like every fucking body else! I think the shit I've been through with family, friends, and employment, not to mention my own personal demons should place me close to the front of the line for this shit. But hell no, I'm stuck at the end, living off whatever fucking crumbs life seems to toss my way. What the hell do I need to do to get to where I should be at this point in my life? Working and doing what is right hasn't done squat to get me there. I'm tired of always being the last one in everything. I'm tired of being the poor one, the unemployed one, the fat one, the hairy one, the trailer park one. Damn it God! Fucking Pay Attention! I'm suffering and you do nothing! Not a damn thing! My life has gone steadily downhill despite my sacrifices and best efforts! Where the hell are my answered prayers? I ask for healthy parents. You fucked that up. I asked for a job, for 2 fucking years! You ain't helped with that one either! I ask for good friends or a boyfriend, you sent shallow stupid people! What the hell is wrong with you? I have tried to love everyone. Not steal, lie, murder all the other bullshit rules of yours and for what? A whole lot of fucking nothing! Would I be rewarded more if I didn't give a shit? It seems those are the ones who get the blessing. I'm waiting on proof you even exist any more. I use to believe. Now.....

Spot Removal

Waiting on the results of the last test on my father. The doctor did refer to the two spots as tumors but didn't elaborate. It worries me as it does my parents. They go back for the results on July 6th. The doctor also mentioned surgery to remove them, but again, didn't give details. Why must these things be such long drawn out affairs? It's maddening!


I'm so sick of sending out resumes and filling out job applications. Since I've been out of work for nearly 2 years, I know I've done well over a 100 of them. No fucking offers, not even an interview. What the hell is wrong with these damn people? I realize the job market is in the employers' favor, but damn, this is ridiculous! I'm either over qualified or under experienced or I made too much at my last job to be considered. Honestly, I have no clue as to what to do next. I've talked with a couple people about doing a freelance web design for a small fee, then nothing. And my rates are dirt cheap, far below the going rates. What is the fucking problem here? I'm suppose to get another round of unemployment, but God only knows when it starts and I need it NOW! I'm over the whole fucking thing. Selling drugs and becoming a prostitute is sounding better every day.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Tease

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

The Nothing Has Changed Update

Wish there was something to update, but there isn't. It's still the same old crap here, nothing has changed. Still hot. Still unemployed. Still waiting on test results. Still chatting with Scott. On days like today, I realize how incredibly boring my life really is for the most part. How envious I am of those who actually have a life to live. One day, it will be my turn again.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yep, It's Hot

Another hot humid day here in NC. The 8th straight day of temps over 90 degrees. So far, I've managed with the one A/C unit. It did manage to reach 95 degrees one day inside this tin box I call home. I have lots of fans running and I keep a close eye on Izzy. I leave the bedroom door slightly ajar, where the A/C is, so he can go cool off if need be and make sure he has plenty of water. I even put ice in his water bowl for the little bugger. I worry more for him than me. He isn't use to the heat. He has always been an inside dog. It's just a nuisance for me, nothing more. I have to admit, it has affected my blogging this week. My laptop is in the hottest part of the trailer. I open the window later in the day and run 4 fans in to stir up the air, but without cross ventilation, it just winds up feeling like a convection oven.

Couple the heat and humidity with the concerns over my father, and it makes for one very frustrated guy. I don't have a good feeling about it. The same as with my mother. My hunches are rarely wrong. My father is taking it in stride, not getting to worked up over it till the test come back, but he has expressed he thinks it could be cancer too. My mother is trying to hold it together, but gets very emotional when they discuss more test or the what ifs. My father has redone his will and set up a trust for me, just to make sure I get a house, regardless of what happens. At this point, he couldn't help me build one like we had planned. He just doesn't have it in him any more.

Of course, I'm still searching for a job. Still waiting for my last tier of unemployment benefits to kick in. I'm just about broke, again. The timing couldn't be worse with all that is going on with my parents. I just hope I can get something before the end of the month, before all the monthly bills start over. I may have enough to cover them, but nothing left over for other stuff, like gas, or buying my own groceries, or spending money. I hate to be a burden to them right now. I pray ever night for a job and winning the lottery. Sometimes it all seems for naught. I'm more thankful for what I do have rather than worry over what I don't. It helps me get through the day.

Scott and I are still talking about every other day for an hour or more. We still want to get together. Him working third shift usually only leaves the weekend. Hopefully we'll do it soon. I want to invite him to a pool party with my high school buds on the 26th, but I would like to hook up one more time first. Just so I know the chemistry wasn't a fluke. If we don't before then, I won't invite him. I'll just go alone as I usually do to these events.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Tease

Sport's Oops!

The only way football is interesting to me!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Parent Update

Well, my father scan came back. His old spot has grown and now has another to keep it company. They scheduled another scan for Friday morning at 10am.

My mother will undergo her surgery August 9th.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Tease

A Lot Of Nothing

That kinda sums it up at the moment. Nothing but the heat going on here. Still sending out resumes and sweating. Still helping my parents. Still waiting on my last little bit of unemployment to kick in. Still waiting to win the lottery. Same ole stuff. I have now lost a grand total of 70 pounds. I'm now at 195 to 200, depending on my scales or my parents. Happy about that. I'm still reeling from the fabulous time I had at the toga pool party last Saturday. And from the nice little hook up afterward. We are still chatting, but haven't set up another meeting yet. We chat online for about an hour and a half a night, before he goes to work on third shift. It's cheaper on my than using the minutes on my pay as you go phone. I've been more socially (and sexually) active this month than anytime I can recall in the last 5 years. Love it! I feel more like my old self. And starting to see the return of definition to my chest and reduction of my gut and love handles helps a lot too! I've gotten some feedback on the applications and resumes via emails. Usually wanting more info or to set up a time to talk on the phone. Hopefully something will pan out by the end of the month. It would be nice to have a job lined up by then. I do have another pool party on the 26th to go to. It is with the high school gang so lots of str8 people, kids, and no nudity but with no A/C at home that works worth a damn, I'll be happy anyway. I'm actually think of asking the fella to come with me. I'll have to see how it goes between now and then.

More Test

This has been a week of medical test for my parents. Both have had doctor's appointment for various things. My father under went another scan of some sort to confirm that the spot on his lung has grown. The oxygen has really made a lot of difference in his endurance and he is sleeping better under it. Now if they can figure out the spot and what it is and do something about it, we will all rest better. My mother's is with the plastic surgeon. They have been slowly adding saline to her implant for the reconstruction surgery later this summer or early fall. It remains to be set as she is waiting to see what is going on with my father. I wish there was something I could do to fix all this or speed it up or make it go away.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Tease

Man....that water looks inviting...


I figured Greg wouldn't work out. You just know they are full of shit when you meet them. I think the first clue was he stated his age as 48, but was actually turning 53 later this year. The fact that he tells you everything you want to hear is another give away. It almost sounded rehearsed, like he said it all to many others before me. I was a bit skeptical to begin with. Am I disappointed.....yeah a little. Am I surprised, no.

Scott is a true sweetheart. We have actually hooked up before about 5 years ago during my last getting laid phase. Not sure he remembers and I haven't mentioned it. Really don't see the need to actually. Not only was this last encounter amazing, we have actually chatted extensively since. With him, he made it all about me and making me feel good. I returned the favor. (Totally opposite of Greg, who just wanted to get off because he was horny.) We actually got together on his birthday. He said I was his gift, since I met him at the door naked, and that the cockring was the bow. How sweet is that?

Food For Thought

Friends make the journey through this world a bit better.....It they aren't, then they aren't your friends.
With true friends, you never have to prove you're worthy of their friendship.

~ Ultra Dave

Monday, June 14, 2010


Here's what been going on:

  1. The oxygen is really helping my father. He has an appointment for some more test this morning. Hopefully, they will discover what is causing these problem, the sleeping problem and the weight lose. Of course, more waiting is in order.

  2. I have enjoyed myself immensely over the last week or so. Having meet two nice fellas in person with whom there seems to be potential. A third is in the works, but not too sure how it will go. Haven't actually met him yet.

  3. Saturday was the absolute most fun, liberating experience I have had in my life. The toga party was fabulous. Met some really nice guys and reconnected with a friend I haven't seen in 20 years!

  4. The job hunt continues. The resumes are a flying outta here. I'm sure I've sent out close to 75 if not more. I have realized that furthering my education once I return to the workforce will be paramount to staying competitive and employable. I've got my fingers crossed, my eyes and ears open.......something will come along.....I just hope it is soon.

That's most of the big stuff for now. The rest is everyday trifling stuff that I won't bore you with. Odd how much better I feel just be getting out of the house and mingling a little. Let's hope I can keep it up.....course that depends on cash flow!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I'm not saying who......but someone had an absolutely wonderful time at a toga party turned naked swim party last night.....who then had the most enchanted evening with someone that did not end till after 7am this morning.......this particular someone is a very happy camper tis morning!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


This is my 2,507 post.
Who would have thunk it?
Hope y'all have enjoyed
them as much as
I have.
Thanks for visiting!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Tease


Just Wondering

Any tips on how to go about dating someone without scaring the crap out of them? I was in a relationship for 10 years, but that was over 10 years ago. Since then, I've gone out with maybe 5 people total, only two of them I saw more than once and that was over 5 years ago. I'm a little rusty. Could use a little help! Thanks!

This Is How I Feel About It

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Me Update

Spent part of the afternoon with a wonderful guy named Greg, rolling around in bed together, talking and cuddling (is that too much information?). I will be seeing him again soon. After I had finished mowing my yard, my parents yard at both houses, and planting okra and beans for them. I'm tired but very content right now.
One of the stresses I had with a friend, I took care of yesterday with a nicely worded message on Facebook and then I unfriended him. It was Chris that ask me out, then was suddenly seeing someone when I could actually go out with him after my mother's breast cancer surgery and recovery. If I want to play games, I have a chess set. If I want drama, I'll go to the theatre. End of story.

The other more worrisome problem with Jeff, my old crush, I've decided it must be an oversight and will let it pass this time.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feeling Betrayed

I'm a little sad at the moment. I feel betrayed by a friend that I held in high esteem. It's for a trivial reason, and I honestly feel stupid for feeling this way about it. But I do. I bothers me. It isn't unforgivable. I'm trying to decide if I should even mention it to them or just work thorough it and let it pass. I don't want to be thought a fool by saying nothing, nor one because I did. I'll think about it tonight before I do or say anything.

Food For Thought

If you are as shallow as a puddle, the splash you make is quickly gone and all you are left with is mud. ~ Ultra Dave

Monday, June 7, 2010


I sit and wonder too much
about the what ifs and coulda beens
I think too much about the things
that will mostly never be
See it doesn't take much
to lead an empty heart
to fan a spark into a flame
It isn't your fault
you are always kind
you are always thoughtful
Much sought after traits
by guys like me
I read your post
and scan your comments
Wanting so much to be
a part of the life you lead
But I'll take what I can get
and try to be happy with it
That is my destiny
To live through another
in a fantasy world of my own creation
to dream of what life could be like with another
with someone like you
At least you know I exist
and that will have to be enough

Monday Tease

I feel weak in the knees!

What Herb Are You?

You Are Chamomile

You are a peaceful, relaxed person. Nothing really gets under your skin.

You appreciate coziness and comfort. There's nothing you like better than a good nap.

You don't let yourself stress or worry. You believe all things work out in the end.

You are able to remain serene in the middle of a storm. You believe it's important to be a gentle person.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reflections Of Becoming Ultra

In the beginning, as a young gay man, I believed the best of everyone. No one would ever lie, cheat, steal, hurt, use or abuse me or another. Everyone, as far as I was concerned was honest and worthy of trust, friendship and respect. I grew up in the country, in a very small, close knit community. To say I was naive would be an understatement. I was raised to respect others and their property, to treat people the way you wanted to be treated, to help others when you can. School was a breeze for me academically. I had no trouble making friends, they were people just like me, from the surrounding area, my parents knew their parents. It was really quite idyllic. When I got to high school, I was exposed to people from a larger area with different views, standards, and upbringing. I adapted and realized that not everyone was the same and paid no never mind to it. In high school, I begin to work part time at 16 in town at a local department store chain. Wow, the difference in people were startling. I worked 20 to 30 hours a week, went to school, still made good grades and even had a few extracurricular activities to keep me busy.

I told my parents in 9th grade I was gay. Of course, they thought I was confused and would out grow it. We never really spoke of it then. Obviously, I haven't out grown it and still speak very little of it. They have more or less accepted it, my father a little more so than my mother at times. But I was never threaten, thrown out, attempted to be converted. Overall, it was a great childhood and transition to young adult. As most of my readers know, I remain very close to my parents to this day.

I did out grow my naivety. People did not always treat me as kind as I would have liked or expected, but I toughed up and survived. I realized that even close friends or lovers can and will do things that will hurt you, physically and emotionally. I was gaining real world experience. There were times when I was shocked at these behaviors, but forgave them. That was how I was raised. I once overheard an acquaintance tell another that I was weak for being so forgiving. It was my best friend, now deceased, that rose to my defense, stating I was more human, more man, than any one he had ever met in his life before or since. That made me smile and feel really good, not only about myself, but that my friend saw those qualities as something noble and to be defended. I never have forgotten that and try my best to maintain that standard in my life. I'm sure I fall short, but I do give it my best.

I write this because in chatting with old and new friends, I've come to appreciate something I've know all along. We are all human. We all feel the hurt, the pain, the discomfort, the awkwardness, the heartache, the betrayal. We are not alone in these experiences. We are a community of diversity, but also of amazing similarities. We shouldn't sell ourselves short as a community or individuals. Our greatest strengths lie in forgiveness and love and truth, of ourselves and others. I discovered many things the hard way growing up gay in a small town. I now try to offer insight and advice to others in an attempt to stave off the potential jading experiences. I'm sure some wish I would shut up and mind my own business. The future mental and emotional health and well being of our community is my business. At my age, they represent my future and I no longer hesitate to speak when I see the need. They are free to use or disregard accordingly, but I will have done my part to make the world a better place.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Tease

Future Ex Husband

Daddy Update

During an endoscopy procedure, the spot on my father's lung showed up again. I had mentioned it before, here, here, and here. He went for a PET scan 2 weeks ago. And yesterday for a CAT scan. He should get the results in the next 10 days or so.

His breathing is horrible. He can hardly walk 10 feet without having to stop to catch his breath this days. Any type of exertion leaves him huffing for air. He carrys an inhaler everywhere he goes now. The doctor has ordered oxygen to be sent to the house. He is in bad shape. With all the medication he takes for it, I see no improvement at all. To say I'm worried would be an understatement.

He continues to lose weight and has no appetite. For most of his adult life, has weight 210, on a 6'2" frame. Now he weights 150! I weighted that in high school and I'm only 5'8". Nothing seems to be working to restore his appetite or weight. He is weaker than I've ever seen him. My mother is concerned and at a lose as to what to do. She has tried everything.

I hope the doctors can figure out what is going on and correct it. I don't like where this path leads.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Tease

I so need him.....right now!

Sports Oops!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Tease

I had a nice weekend. Hope you did too!

What Pasta Dish Are You?

You Are Spaghetti with Pesto

Compared to most people, you have complex tastes. You're a bit of a walking contradiction.

You like a little bit of everything, even if the things you like don't go together.

You aren't picky at all. You can find something to like about almost anything.

You don't judge on appearances alone. You like to experience something before you judge it.

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