Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Year in Review

This has been an interesting year. Lots of ups and downs along the way. I have much to be thankful for even with the bad. With the new year, quickly approaching, I've been reflecting on all that my family and myself have dealt with this year, and all the great strides in the right direction for myself. Below is a recap.
  • My mother's breast cancer, mastectomy and recovery.
  • My father's tumors in his lungs and his treatment.
  • My father's slow decline in health and stamina from emphysema.
  • Finishing up projects at the old place to get it on the market.
  • Completing my Web Design Certificate.
  • Becoming employed after nearly two years.
  • Being invited to many events and parties.
  • Making new friends and reconnecting with old ones.
  • Standing at a total lose of 80 pounds. Down from 270 to 190.
  • Having my goal weight of 175 pounds within reach.
  • Finally having money once again.

And the biggest, best thing is all my blogger buddies who encouraged me, and witnessed the progression from down trodden misfit to employed social butterfly. I would not have believed so much was possible to pack into a year. Next year will find it hard to top all of this. I look forward the New Year with much optimism and careful planning as I can muster. I'm anxious to see what it hold in store.


anne marie in philly said...

you are becoming the person you were born to be, dave! embrace it, celebrate it, show it off, shout it out loud!

happy new year 2011!

Russ Manley said...

I knew you could do it man. Keep riding the wave and make the coming year fabulous too.

Cubby said...

"Next year will find it hard to top all of this." I'm confident there's one thing in particular that may happen next year to top it all. And I wish you best of luck in finding him :-)

Greg and I are very happy we got to meet you last summer and hope to meet up with you again someday.

Peter said...

If you believe in yourself, and you've proven that this year, you can do anything!

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