Saturday, September 29, 2012

"I don't fear change. I fear not changing." ~ Ultra Dave

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Conspiring Fates

I actually had a very unexpected pleasant weekend. It seems that things that were planned morphed into something even better. Saturday was the annual White Party but I wasn't planning on going. I had toyed with the idea but since last year was so disastrous, I figured maybe the After Party if anything at all. I was scheduled to work Saturday till 630 anyway, so the timing was good. I mentioned it to Tommy a while back and didn't think of it again. As the day approached, my budget just couldn't handle it and put it out of my mind. Tommy contacted me Wednesday and wanted me to help him plan a party for Saturday before the After Party. Of course I said I would. I went Friday night and helped clean up, and ready the place. To be cleaning up and being all domesticated, we actually had a good time. We heated up a pizza and opened some Coronas and commenced to cleaning and talking and listening to music, just having a great time, really! I advertised my shift for Saturday and someone picked it up that morning at 9am. Tommy called me to ask if I minded if he cancelled it because a friend of his had gotten invitations to the White Party. Then he asked if I wanted to go and we would meet at his house for cocktails before we left. I said yes.( Thankfully, early in the season, I had already purchased some white pants just in case I did go.)

We got ready....much tamer this time around....I was dressed and downstairs before him as his friends arrived at the front door. I let them in, got glasses and poured martinis that Tommy had made earlier from a pitcher. The look on their faces was priceless. One somewhere between a pleasant shock and awe. It was our first time meeting, and I knew he was close to them, so I wanted to charm them. (I already knew I looked good, lol) We chatted, laughed, probed, and drank....a very nice time. We all drove separate cars, cause no one was sure what exactly they may or may not feel like doing.

We had a blast! I drank, danced and hung out with the three of them. His friends were very warm and welcoming. I had a great time. I actually ran into Mike (the one who said there was no connection but we still chat like friends. He actually told me he seeing someone from Rock Hill the day before when we chatted. I wished him well, and hoped it worked out for him.) And I ran into Jerry (who come to find out knew all the ones I was with because they all do country line dancing together. We went out once too on a date but haven't really stayed in touch, though I tried, he made little effort to.) Imagine my surprise that they were dating each other! OH LORD! I smiled at them. Made small talk. I had no ill will against either. It wasn't awkward since I hadn't slept with either one. We only kissed good night on each of our respective dates. I think the oddest thing was while Tommy, Mike and Jerry all watched (intently, I may add) while I was dancing with a lesbian. I was getting down, having myself a blast, sweating like crazy! I catch their eyes watching me every once in a while.

Tommy really surprised me these last month or so. He actually picked up hours at Macy's. We have done lunch several times, chatted like never before. He purchase a gift for me, as a friend I'm sure. Gave me a DVD player since mine broke. Has introduced me to his friends, his neighbor, and his brother. He has been considerate, thoughtful and more sensitive. He has even offered me a spare room at his house, if I need a place to stay because of the issues with my place. He is actually being a good friend! Unbelievable!

So my weekend was awesome! I had fun! Made new friends! Saw some old ones! And I hope, made a few old dates a little envious that they lost out on me!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

When I think of what happened on this day in 2001, I still tear up and get a lump in my throat....the horror of it all is still hard to wrap my head around. I doubt it will ever go away....On that day, we truly knew that heroes walk among us. 
We knew we had an enemy. We knew that no day that followed would ever be the same. We learned how strong and resilient America really is. We learned what patriotism truly is. America had never been tested like such since Pearl Harbor. 
We survived. We grew stronger. Our heroes are real.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Weekend Adventure

Well, my Labor Day weekend kinda sucked! I had great plans for it. A naked pool party Saturday,  haircut, trip to the grocery and liquor stores,  time with my mother and some chores for her and a few around my house. Didn't turn out quite like I had hoped. I woke up Saturday and ran the the convenience store to purchase a soda. My debit card was declined. The little screen said card expired. I asked about a new card the first of August when I was in a branch making a deposit. I called again on the 15th. I was assured my new card would arrive before the end if the month. It did not. I was busy making plans and thinking about my father I suppose, it didn't dawn on me that I still haven't received it yet. So I was stuck with only a half a tank of gas, no money in my wallet, and plans that required some funding! I was pissed! I went on over to my mother's to get started on chores for her. She was kind enough to pay me for them this time. So to save the little money and gas I had, I didn't go to the pool party. It's over 70 miles away from my house. I didn't go to the grocery or liquor stores or get a haircut either.
I did get in touch with a friend and helped him and his partner build a platform bed Saturday and Sunday. They even treated me to dinner for helping them at a hamburger joint in Monroe, I had never visited. It was very good burgers, though I rarely eat red meat these days.
Sunday evening I went to have dinner with my mother. It was nice to sit and chat a while. She is such a good cook too! I was stuffed on chicken, green beans, corn and fried okra! Yum! After I left her house, I went to visit Bill in Rock Hill, about 33 miles from my house according to Mapquest. I've been chatting with him for almost a month now and it was time to meet. I had some money and some gas and it wasn't that far away.
We had a great time. He is so much more handsome in person than his pics. We watched a couple of shows on PBS and sat on the couch with his dogs.........just a simple, nice evening. I left about 10:30 to come home since I had to work Monday morning at 9am.
We hugged and kissed goodbye. I had better direction in hand he had written out for me and there was a gas station just down the street.
Well that station was closed, but I stopped at another and put in some to get me home. I somehow missed a turn in the dark on those country roads. I drove and drove and drove. I was so freaking lost! I had very few minutes on my phone left since my debit card was expired and wouldn't work. I was now on an 1/8th tank of gas, in the middle of no where, no idea where I was was very late and hardly no traffic, no houses or even businesses lining the roadsides! I was near panic! I finally found a gas station, asked for directions and was soon headed in the right direction. Thankfully, after much cussing and nail biting!
I arrived back at my house at 12:35am. I had put 145 miles on my car for a simple 66 miles round trip. My gas needle was on the red line when I pulled in the driveway. I was so glad to be home! I took Izzy out and went straight to bed!
The good thing is, it worked out. I wasn't stranded. I wasn't totally out of minutes or money. I was just alone in the dark in a strange place but I made it. It seemed to be a physical metaphor for my life at the moment. There seemed to be a lesson to learn. Ask for help early on and avoid the drama later down the road......Lesson learned!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy

My father would have been 75 today.
I love and miss you!
Happy Birthday!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Have a safe and happy Labor Day!

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