Thursday, May 30, 2013

Me & My Guy

Well, I guess things are going very well with me and my fella. We just past the two month mark! That is something that hasn't happened to me in very long time. Sunday we spent the afternoon together at the naked pool. We talked, made goo-goo eyes at each other, swim and shared a little PDA. It was heavenly! I guess if driving almost an hour and a half, there and then back home doesn't show genuine interest at this point then nothing will. As I've mentioned before he is still "closeted" or at least not out to family or coworkers. He is a little older, so I'm not surprised. I don't mention it. That is his to deal with, if, when and how he sees fit. I'm just enjoying our times together, the sex and the texting. I have no expectations. Hard for me but not forcing anything. His two sons have moved back with him temporarily. Of course that does present an obstacle but also a chance to get together outside of his place and the bedroom. I'm not disappointed in the turn of events, but look at it as a challenge as to how much we really want to be with each other. I'm still very happy with him and he with me. He calls me "stud muffin". And I smile........

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Sad to say, I'm not seeing the weight loss or muscle gain/toning I want or expected after all most 6 months at the gym. I still have my little belly roll that refuses to go away! It pisses me off! I can not cut anything else from my diet without stop eating all together and that ain't possible. I could work out more often, for longer periods if I can find more time in my schedule. I can't believe I still look and feel as fat as I did when I started the gym 6 months down the road! Apparently I'm doing something wrong. I realize I'm not in my thirties any more and my body won't respond to the diet and exercise like it once did, but really? There should be something more visible than a bigger butt and biceps going on here by now. I'm gonna talk with one of the trainers at the gym to see if they can give me some pointers. I need something to turbo charge my workouts and/or my metabolism!

Monday, May 6, 2013


Been an interesting month so far.....Lots of stuff going on, all of it good so far....

My mother finally sold the old place. She closed last week on it. Yeah! Now she can stop worrying about being "broke". And I can stop worrying about trying to keep everything up at both places.

I finally got moved to the support team at work. I start my new schedule and position in Merchandising the week of the 19th. I'm excited about having a set schedule. No more nights and weekends, except on rare occasions or Christmas. I have to get use to being at work at 6am, but the getting off at 1pm, 2pm or 3pm is gonna be wonderful! I still have to figure out if I want to go to the gym in the mornings before work, which I prefer, or switch to afternoon evenings.....we'll see.

I've discovered a new line of products by Advocare that has really helped/enhanced my workouts and health goals. They are awesome! For years, I would try various products that GNC offered only to return the unused portion because they never did what they claimed. I'm so excited about this stuff! I started the 10 day Cleanse and feel amazing only 2 days in! I'll keep y'all posted on other product results as I try them out....

Also, me and my man have pasted the one month anniversary phase. Woohoo! Things are still going well and seem to be headed in the right direction. We still text almost daily and say little flirty things to each other. Our times together are getting a little longer and involve a little something extra besides just sex. We talk and share lots of personal stuff without being pushy or intrusive.....The pace is slow but steady and consistent. I like where we are at the moment and always look forward to seeing him. He spoils me with attention. I'm happy. He is too.

My next change begins Wednesday. I'm going on the patch again to quit smoking. I've had enough of the expense and I need to keep my promise to my father. I figure while detoxing on the 10 day Cleanse, it would be a great time to do it. With all the junk out of my system, and all the water I drink now, the patch will have a better chance of helping with the cravings.....

So there it is in a nutshell. Things are looking up. They are not perfect yet, but they are heading in the right direction. Yeehaw!

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