Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dating Update

I'm smitten. Blown away actually. Sorry, I'd like to have his pic up, but need to protect his privacy in a small town. I'm over the moon. I'm trying to take it slow and not force anything too quickly. So hard for me to do! We text/chat/email/message just about everyday. He is so sweet! I can't believe my good fortune. All because I "winked" at him because he had a nice chest. We talked for a while before I ever saw his face pic. I liked what I read. Apparently he did too! I have know idea where this is going. It may turn into just fuck buddies. While not exactly what I'm looking for, it will suffice till someone else comes along. We haven't had that talk yet, but I'm thinking it should be soon. I think of him throughout the day and smile in contentment. He makes me happy. He makes me feel protected, appreciated and cherished. Honestly, don't think anyone has made me feel that way since my first when I was 19! Just have to take it one day at a time and hope I don't scare him away or he finds someone better! Fingers crossed y'all!

(I'm not gonna tell his name just yet for fear of jinxing it.)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Look What I Did

 It started out as simple pad at the door and division between the gravel and the lawn.

 Then my mother wanted it a bit wider with little planting beds on either side.

 But connecting the two seem like a better idea.

 Of course it needed to be just little bit wider.

 So this is how it ended up.

 Then something for the back yard, a flower bed was needed.

So one on the opposite side of the garage door was added for balance.

So now the garage is a grand entrance. She is now thinking the front yard needs some attention. Oh boy.....

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