Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thank You

Thanks to all the new followers that have joined
my blog over the last week!

Good Times

While I'm a bit bored, as usual, I thought I'd make a list of the things I enjoy doing. Some alone, others are better with company.

  • Shooting pool

  • Chatting (in person or online or phone)

  • Browsing antique/junk stores

  • Art galleries

  • Dining out (doesn't have to be fancy)

  • Movies (either at home or theatre)

  • Live performances (music or plays)

  • Gardening

  • Reading

  • Surfing the net

  • Swimming

  • Horseback riding

  • Sunbathing

  • Entertaining (can't wait to move)

  • Learning

  • Meditation

  • Hanging out (with whoever will have me)
I'm looking forward to the new place. It will give me more opportunity for a few of these things. I don't have space for entertaining or privacy for sunbathing or want to plant things I will have to move later. I'm hoping to have a housewarming party once everything is settle. Maybe then I won't be such an isolationist. I hate my current place for many reasons, and therefore rarely have anyone new here and very few of my oldest friends. Stupid, I know, but that's the way it is. Here's looking forward to a new life, later on down the road.

Saturday Tease

A Quandary

I'm upset with a "friend", former coworker, on Facebook. Granted, Jason and I aren't close friends in real life, but I had hopes of becoming such. Nothing sexual, just someone to hang with, chat with etc. In the beginning, we would chat, even briefly. I'd email, he would respond. Everything was cordial. Just talk about work, general interest questions, nothing too personal or probing. Then his replies became shorter, then not at all. He has somehow blocked himself from showing when he is logged on. He has removed his phone number from his info page. He has not responded to any emails in 2 weeks. However, he has not "unfriended" me or removed himself from my "best friends" list. He just ignores me. When this behavior started, I asked about it. He reply was "he has been busy". Yet he has advanced 10 levels in an online game that requires a lot of time to achieve. I asked about meeting to shoot pool, no response. I asked about meeting for lunch, no response. That day I was in Charlotte to pick up the painting I had purchased, I stopped by his work. I had a coupon for getting the car detailed so I figured I use it. He did say hello and smile friendly enough. He was busy working on a car. He never once took a moment to walk over to say anything and I was there over an hour.

Now, am I being an overly sensitive drama queen or am I being dissed? I had a lot of respect for this guy. He is straight and divorced. We were at the same poker game once. When his younger brother committed suicide, I gave him a sympathy card to which he thanked me for. When we worked together, he would always take a moment to answer any questions I had. He was always nice and friendly. I don't understand what has changed. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. This is driving me nuts. If he would say anything, even "Fuck off", I can handle it better than being ignored. What do my readers think? I really like to know.

P.S. Am I wanting a new best friend too badly?

Another Pretty Face

Weekend Travel

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Tease

End of the week!

Art Appreciation

I love this sculpture!

Here's Your Sign

I wonder who checks for compliance?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

And Another Thing

And another thing while I'm on my rant.

What I am NOT:

I am not a fag. Do I look like a fucking cigarette to you?
I am not a faggot. Do I look like a damn bundle of kindling?
I am not a queer. I am no stranger than you, if anything, I'm unique.

What I AM:

I am gay. I happen to be very happy about who I am as a person.
I am homosexual. I like the companionship and intimacy of other males.
I am a human being. I deserve and demand to be treated as one.

Got it?

Marriage Rant

What is this traditional marriage the haters keep harping about? They keep referring to the bible for their argument. One man, one woman to raise children till death do you part. That is a crock of shit. First off, the bible isn't every one's moral compass, and those not of that faith should not be bound by another's belief. The whole separation of church and state reason this country was founded argument ring any bells? Second, if you want to follow the bible because you are a believer then by all means do so, but don't pick and chose which parts apply to who and what to ignore. Marriage in the bible was for money, not love. It was also between a man and as many wives as he could afford. Also women were property, they had no say in the matter. Try that crap now and see where it gets you. They could be stoned or sold, discarded if you will, when the man no longer wanted them. So where is this traditional marriage now? The Mormons wanted to keep it that way, but no, they can't. Their religious concept of marriage was redefined for them through laws. Seems Christians can't keep their noses out of others bedrooms. Wasn't that long ago, that black and white couldn't marry either. Once again marriage was redefined. Oh and let's not forget the whole baby making angle. What about couples who don't want children or can't have them? Should they be divorced? Maybe a fertility test should be required before marriage just to make sure. What about the appalling divorce rate in general, hovering around 50% now for decades. Wouldn't it be better to protect marriages in existence than prevent new ones? Not surprising the divorce rates are the highest among those who claim to hold it in such high regard, the christian faiths. Go figure. They can't keep their own together, and they want to protect the holiness of marriage? Then they scream what about the children? What about them? Should unwed mothers be stoned and the child put to death? Isn't that traditional? Or has that been redefined to suit the times as well? There are a lot of single parent families these days. Thanks to divorce, which isn't traditional. Many men and women have done a great job on their own raising their offspring. It would be easier with two, you say? Correct! Another reason to allow same sex marriages. Two parents to help raise a child. It has been proven that with the proper love and support any child will grow to be a productive adult regardless of the type of household they were raised in. Now, on to the religious crap. There are two parts to a marriage, the civil and the religious. You can jump brooms, smash glassware, or take vows according to your religious beliefs. Unless you obtain a license, and get some signatures, you're shit of of luck. The government doesn't recognize it. Yep, that's right. Marriage as far as the government is concern is a binding contract between two consenting adults that have chosen to share not only their life together but the assets, debts and household chores. Without the paper, you aren't married in the eyes of the government, no matter how much you spent on the ceremony or where you held it. When, not if, divorce happens, given the straights abysmal record on it, you go to a lawyer not the preacher, minister, rabbi or any clergy. It has to be done through the court period. Once more, marriage is not sole property nor a right of any religion. Now is that clear?

Ultra Prayer

God grant me the restraint not to throttle
the bigoted and ignorant.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Knocking The Dust Off

Sadly, those are really my shoes! Guess it had been a while since I last wore any dress shoes. I actually had to remove the dust bunnies from inside them as well. I needed some for an antique auction Monday, that my mother and I attended. It was great to get out of the house after a rather rainy, boring weekend. Some of the stuff was gorgeous, some not so much. There seem to be no rhyme or reason to what things sold for. A plant stand went for $425 and a sofa for $70! We didn't purchase anything and only stayed about 3 hours. That was enough for me. Unless there is something I want really bad and will pay what ever it takes to win the bid, I find auctions rather a waste of time. Give me a store or flea market where I can dicker, and I'll stay all day. My new medication must have started working that day as well. I couldn't sit still for more than an hour, before having to move around some. The high point of the day was a cute fella that sat on the other side of my mother. He looked so familiar to me, but I never could place him. I run in to that a lot having worked in the area at different sales positions for the last 20 years. I remember faces but not names very well. Anyway, when we left, I told my mother to wait up for a second. I went and found him, and told him he looked like Ewan McGregor. I guess that is why he looked so familiar. I think we were cruising each other during the auction, but with your mother between you and the object of your desire it is difficult to say. Not to mention, I've been out of the loop for so long, that unless they slap me with their dick, I just assume they are being friendly. I wish I had something to give him my name, number and email on. I fixed that problem. When I got home, I ordered 250 calling cards!

Wednesday Tease

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Tease

Nice chair.

The Front Door Test

Your Door Says You Are Widely Influential

You are elegant, fashionable, and quite intimidating.

You wield a lot of power. And that's what scares people!

You are reserved and difficult to know.

Those who know you know that you are strong, consistent, and reliable.

Ad Appreciation

This is an ad for a men's skin care line.
Does make you want to take care of it, doesn't it?

Sport's Oops?

Think the brand name is appropriate?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day of Rest

I have decided to take Sundays off from blogging. I actually discovered I like a day off. After all, it is exhausting being this fabulous everyday. Feel free to browse around or comment at will. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy browsing some of the older post.

How The Garden Will Grow

The colorized version of the mediation/memory garden.

The arbor/gate covered in this vine.

Center gazebo covered in this rose.

These planted en mass around base of weeper.

Two of these benches on opposite sides.

The inner and outer borders of the garden.

Everything else is planted as in-fill between the inner and
outer border, mixed up, for different color, heights.
and bloom times.

And that, hopefully, will be how my garden grows!

Saturday Tease

Hang out with your friends
this Memorial Day weekend!

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