Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Under Contract

Finally, after two long, hard years, an offer was made on the old place! Woohoo! My mother is so relieved! So am I! It will be a huge burden lifted once the closing is completed the first of April. No more mowing, trimming, pruning, etc! Yippee! Now I can devote that time to taking care of the other place. That 3+ hours will come in handy over the summer! My mother is excited because no more taxes and maintenance on a place she isn't living in. I wish my father had lived long enough to see it sold. A nice Russian couple made the offer. They wanted the extra land to build two homes for their sons. I think it will be a great place for them. It sure was for us. Many memories there, so selling it is bittersweet, but the time was right. I hope everything goes well, between now and closing. One less thing to keep holding us back. Now we can move forward a little.


anne marie in philly said...

YAYZ! the housing market is starting to show some life. good news for you and your family! and may the new family make many happy memories there also!

PS - did you get the auto sales job?

Upton King said...

Congratulations. Enjoy your new free time - always a plus in summer. o. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Ur-spo said...

hurrah for our side !

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