Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Sad to say, I'm not seeing the weight loss or muscle gain/toning I want or expected after all most 6 months at the gym. I still have my little belly roll that refuses to go away! It pisses me off! I can not cut anything else from my diet without stop eating all together and that ain't possible. I could work out more often, for longer periods if I can find more time in my schedule. I can't believe I still look and feel as fat as I did when I started the gym 6 months down the road! Apparently I'm doing something wrong. I realize I'm not in my thirties any more and my body won't respond to the diet and exercise like it once did, but really? There should be something more visible than a bigger butt and biceps going on here by now. I'm gonna talk with one of the trainers at the gym to see if they can give me some pointers. I need something to turbo charge my workouts and/or my metabolism!


Damien said...

I completely empathise with you on this one.

I am now doing the surgical route.
Probably in August/September.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Pictures??? We want to see for ourselves. Post pictures I be we can tell the difference.


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