Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Windows!

The old single pane windows.

The new double paned insulated window and patio door.

The front with the new windows.

Twenty windows and 4 days later, all have been replaced.
The difference is amazing! No road noise inside and
much better looking from either side.
Money well spent!

Now on to the next project!


Jim said...

It looks great!!

Ur-spo said...

what is the next project?

witomski said...

A little something to throw down your golden hair! A great improvement. I remember buying a condo years ago, at foreclosure, and those single pane, glass windows with stainless talk about noise. You could hear the hookers, gunfire and sirens from my unit...those were the days...Regards...Joe

Lemuel said...

very nice! and I am sure much more energy efficient too.

Java said...

I have window envy.

They look fantastic!

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