Monday, August 10, 2009

Renovations Update

Today we started replacing the windows. What a chore! It really isn't difficult. Time consuming yes. Difficult, not really. Since, neither I nor my father have every replaced sashes before this is certainly an adventure. The first and only window completed today took 3 hours. The rest shouldn't now that we have an idea of what to do. Only 19 more to go.
Now my parents have decided to remove the ceramic tile from the kitchen/den/laundry area that they paid $3,000 plus materials to install. Great, every time I think the to-do-list is getting shorter they add a major undertaking to it. If all of this gets done before Christmas, I'll be surprised.
School starts for me next week. That cuts out 2 full days a week to devote to any of those projects on top of what ever time is taken up by their doctor's appointment and stuff. At some point, it should be finished. Lord only knows when!

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