Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Recap

It was exhausting yesterday at work. I arrived at 2:52am and left shortly after one. Had my "lunch" hour at 8:30am and never had the time to take a break. I was swamped by 6:30 am. Luckily, the 8 o'clock worker arrived at 7am to do some shopping and was allowed to clock in early to help out. I already had 1 manager and 2 other approved persons helping me out. At times, there wasn't enough keys to go around to open the cases to show merchandise. We ran out of a lot of morning specials before 7:30am. They were suppose to last till 1pm! It was hectic to say the least. I was feeling it by 11 o'clock when another person was scheduled. When I left for the day, the department, all 800 sq feet of it, had already done over $13,500! The sales plan for Friday and Saturday was $14,000. I had a plan of $2000 and sold over $6000 by myself. There were a couple of unhappy people that missed out on the bargains they had came for. Of course, they were the ones that showed up at mid morning expecting us to have 20 pieces in backstock. Newsflash: It's fine jewelry, ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, we can't stock dozens of them in stores! If you want it bad enough to pitch a hissy fit, then get your ass out of bed and get there early. Most people were very patient and very understanding. Most were a lot of fun to service. However, when it was time for me to leave, I said goodbye, smiled and waved as I walked out the door.


Peter said...

One of the best things, on days like this, is that time flies. Hope you can have a good rest before you have to man your counter again.

Cubby said...

Sorry you got pounded, but the sales numbers are very encouraging. I hope your department and the whole store does very well this weekend.

Ur-spo said...

it sounds exhausting !

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