Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Return of the Knight

The world is an amazing place. Filled with people that circulate in and out of your life. Chance meetings that leave a mark, for better or worse. Through that great power known as Facebook, I reconnected with a guy from about 20 years ago. Amazingly, we both still remember that weekend together and both of us count it among our fondest memories. We actually have a mutual aquaintance that we have both known for over 20 years, yet our paths have never crossed again in all that time. His partner now actually got his car service frequently at a dealership I once worked at, and yet never saw him there either.

It was when I had first moved into the trailer. I had already met my last ex Greg by then, but were weren't yet a couple. I was bored and horny so decided to go out. To ensure I got laid, I wore spandex shorts. (the first, last and only time I have worn spandex in a bar).
I saw Ken sitting at the end of the bar drinking alone and moved in. I sit down beside him, ordered a drink and struck up a casual conversation. We talked easily for a few hours, about anything and everything. He was tall, dark hair, deep voice and blue eyes. We laughed, drank and flirted. We decided to head to his apartment to finish up the festivities.

We had sex. We made love. We hung out. We napped. And did it all over again, several time. Six times to be exact. From Friday night when we met till Sunday afternoon when I headed back home, we had the most amazing weekend ever in the history of gay hookups. (that may be a slight stretch, but not by much) We never left the apartment. We grabbed snacks from the kitchen, rest and go again. We connected deeply. No awkwardness. No drama. Just straight from the hip, soul mates. But alas, that was the only time our paths would cross in 20 years. Till Facebook.

Yesterday after much finagling schedules and such. And after many traded emails. We finally had a lunch date. I was all a tingle about it all morning. Would he be as I remembered him? Would I be like he recalled? Would we have anything to talk about? It was everything a first date/meeting/reunion should be. Easy conversion. Laughs and chuckles. History and memories. And he paid the tab and wants to do it again!

I know he has a partner now. I'm very happy for Ken. They have been together 11 years. I don't see that changing. And I sure won't do anything to effect one. But it is nice to reconnect with someone that you have held such fond, treasured memories of for so long. And that holds the same fondness for it as well. Someone who I had hope to have another chance encounter with over the years, but never did. Everything happens for a reason I suppose. We seem to have changed very little, at least as well as you can get to know someone in one weekend 20 years ago. But the desire to reconnect is there. I hope to meet his partner one day. I liked to see who won his heart. He and I have agreed to not worry about the "what ifs" of the past. There is nothing that can be done about it. I look forward to out next lunch. And letting our friendship grow. He may be the replacement I've been searching for. I still need a new best friend. I'll buy lunch next time.


Cubby said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend. It's really cool that you and he are forging a renewed friendship.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Thank goodness you reconnect with a freind. I would loved to have a weekend like that. but you and Ken have a better freindship now. Maybe you can start doign things with him and his partner. no not sex, but going out and stuff.


Russ Manley said...

I had a six-time weekend like that too, many long years ago: lovely memory. Great that you reconnected, hope you can be good friends now.

Anonymous said...

Facebook sure has brought many old friends back together. I had to smile while I read this you sound so relaxed in your writing. I think you should do what Ray said because who knows a friend of theirs might be "thee one" for you.

BosGuy said...

I wish I had a weekend like you described. Maybe I should try wearing spandex pants some time and see if I meet with similar success.

Although come to think of it - my partner might look at me a bit strange as I walk around the house in spandex ;-)

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