Friday, February 11, 2011

Bitter Party of One

Well, for the first time in 22 years of retail, I have the whole Valentine's weekend off and no one to share it with! Kinda sucks, but I'll have quality time with the dog.

Today I learned they are cutting a full time position in my department. Guess who will be leaving? The upside is they are moving me to a full time position is the home store and giving me a $1.05 and hour increase in pay to go. It was either that or go part time in jewelry. So in a couple of weeks I'll start the new position. I have sold that stuff before, so no biggy. I think I'll like it, though I'll miss the people up stairs. Life goes on and I still have a job. I'm thankful for that.

I really don't have much planned for the weekend. I may go to an event Monday night for single people on Valentine's day call the Bitter Party. It should be fun. I'll see what kind of mood I'm in that evening.

Otherwise, things seem to be going great. Of course, that worries me, because when it does, something usually happens to screw it up. I've actually managed to save some money and buy a few things as well as pay my bills.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!!


Ur-spo said...

I am saddened about your job matter.
Valentine's day is no fun when one feels 'out'; if it is any consolation, most people find it all a bore/and don't do anything anyway.

Peter said...

Enjoy your long weekend off! Valentine's Day is just another day like all others. Just as my birthday [12/25].

Ray's Cowboy said...

First of all congrats on the new job and more money.
Second of all join the crowd. I will be in the same book as you, but with me being cancel mroe and more at work and trying to find a full time job is harder that one would think. I need a full time job that have benifits. I hate getting up every monring just to be call and told I am cancel. So you better count your blessing. Also please pray that I find a job soon.

BosGuy said...

Happy Valentines Day to you.

Beartoast said...

Gla dyou have job, even with the hassle and adjustments of transfering.

Sad you're alone for Valentines. It's never been a big day for me, anyway. But I'm on my own, too. Hey, read where I went on Valentines. One could consider that pathetic.

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