Monday, November 26, 2012

How It Goes

Well, Thanksgiving has come an gone. I gave thanks, enjoyed a brief 2 hours with the family before heading home to sleep before work at 4am, and now thankful it is over with. It seemed really weird without my father. It was obvious my mother was making a strained effort to seem cheerful. I'm sure she was enjoying it some with the grand kids present, but was still missing my father.

I'm sure this Thanksgiving was hard on my brother in law too. He lost his brother in a small engine plane crash last month. I was glad to finally get to offer my condolences in person since Macy's wouldn't allow me to take the time off for the funeral. I felt really bad about not being able to attend. His brother had been a pilot for years and owned several small planes. The investigation revealed that the fuel tank had a small leak that caused the crash. Witnesses backed up that claim saying they heard the plane sputter and stall before the crash. His family is devastated. And they were already dealing with his father's failing health. His father is going through the same as mine did with lung cancer and emphysema.

The traffic in the store was a little off, sluggish even. Underwhelming to be exact, but not surprising given how early some of the sales started in our store. Only a hand full of coworkers met or exceeded their sales goals for the day, mostly the ones that were scheduled mid morning or later. Us early birds, didn't get close. Overall the store did ok, but still missed it's sales goal. I think that was a first for a Black Friday. Saturday and Sunday wasn't much better sales or traffic wise.

I've been going to the gym regularly since Nov. 5. I'm seeing a little bit of change in some areas, but still a ways to go. I have went from 166 pounds to 170 pounds. I'm hoping that gain is in muscle and not fat. My eating habits haven't changed much, except for eating a little more lean protein to help build muscle. It's my understanding that the body can gain muscle at about the same rate as it can lose fat, given proper diet and nutrition, which is usually 1 to 2 pounds a week. I certainly hope that is correct. Some body parts aren't as jiggly as they once were, but still aren't as solid and tight as I want.  While my stomach is far from flat, my ab workouts have been drawing in my gut a little. Still need to lose a little fat left in that area. My arms and pecs are grower tighter, but haven't haven't seen real growth yet. My butt muscles are sore from all the exercises I'm putting them through, but far from being as firm as melons yet. That will come in time for all the areas I'm targeting. So far, so good......

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Ur-spo said...

you should ask at the gym for a body percentage reading; you could be changing but not losing weight, which is a 'good thing' but feel discouraged not to see overt weight loss on the scale.

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