Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Amazing Beauty

Through my eyes, I wish you could see
The beauty that is you,
Never ending, amazing beauty
Your smile, your touch, your eyes

You say my name
The whispers of angels could be no sweeter.
The warmth of your embrace so dearly missed
So consuming when you are near.
Wrapped in your arms, so protected.

Just a glance my way and I'm defenseless.
Soulful eyes that gaze into mine.
Lost in you and I'm suddenly found.

Lingering kisses, lasting and sweet
Leaves me wide eyed and alive.
Just a touch and I quiver
My body becomes flushed with desire.
My soul on fire.

The never ending, amazing beauty
That is you.
Through my eyes, I wish you could see.

The beauty that is you.
Never ending, amazing beauty.


Jim said...

Did you write that? It's beautiful!

Ultra Dave said...

Thanks...Yes I did.

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