Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my father's birthday. He turned 72 years old! Amazingly, he is still in pretty decent health for the most part, no major concerns for his age. He does have asthma that is under control. Otherwise, just a little slower than he use to be and a little less stamina. Of course, now he is feeling his mortality really acutely. His father passed away at 73 with emphysema. My father seems to think his days are numbered. Hopefully, it won't become a self fulling prophesy.
He is the second oldest of 5 children, born to sharecropper parents. He managed to realize his dreams of owning a brick home a couple of times over. He is involved with Hospice and his church. He socializes almost daily with his cronies at Hardee's for morning breakfast. He has been a great inspiration to me, just to see how possible it is to rise above your circumstance. He has always been and still to this day, a hard worker, constantly busy with things around the house or for his family or neighbors. As a child, I remember him working two jobs to make ends meet. Some how he found time to coach my baseball team, take the Boy Scouts camping and still be the best father a boy could ever have!
Happy Birthday Daddy! You're gonna have many more!!


Java said...

Happy Birthday to your dad. He sounds like a great man.

Ray's Cowboy said...

I wish your Father GREAT health and happiness. I know he has help you out in many ways to make you house look good and all that. please give him my best.

Scribe816 said...

I stumbled across your BLOG. All of us have numbered day. The fact that your father made it to 72 and is in reasonable health means he beat the odds. Pass on my well wishes for his birthday.

Ur-spo said...

Indeed, happy birthday and many happy returns to him.

Peter said...

Congrats on his birthday. We only hope to get that old/young too.

Lemuel said...

Best wishes to your father on his birthday! May he not only survive but thrive for many more years!

Steven said...

Here's to many more birthdays, indeed! It wasn't too long ago that I recall you blogging about you and your father cutting and clearing trees. :-)

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