Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy Busy

Well, we have been at it again, now that we have finished up the renovations on my grandparent's house for my parents. We have cleared out some more trees and brush on my property. Some time within the next week, the bulldozer will arrive to remove stumps, level the place up and install the driveway. I'll get some pictures up of the before and after.

We still have to get my father's shop built, get my parents moved, and fix up the yard. As well as do some minor cosmetic touch ups to their current house before putting it on the market. Once it is sold, we will begin building. Hopefully, it will sell quickly and we can get started.

The plan has been chosen, again. This makes the third one. It has been a difficult choice as to what to build. I don't need much space and trying to find a small, functional plan was more problematic than I thought it would be. I think I've looked at almost a thousand plans. I would love to show it to y'all, but with the copyright laws are, I don't wanna take the chance of a violation.

It is only 1,000 sq ft. It has 3 bedrooms and one full bath that connects directly to the master bedroom and hallway with a laundry closet. The living room, dining room and kitchen are all open to one another, making it seem rather spacious. A large front porch and large open rear deck round out the plan. It has amble closet space for storage and wall space for furniture and art placement. A nice gas fireplace with flanking built in bookcases to either side. Some of the details are still being debated depending on cost such as the hardwood floors through out and granite counter tops, but when further along I'll be able to tell more about it.

So far, so good, even if a bit of a glacier pace. I'm getting a bit more excited as details are firmed up. Hopefully, with all the carefully planning, I won't have to cut corners to get it finished and on budget. That's where it stands as of today.

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