Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Going With The Flow

Tomorrow my father goes for his first radiation treatment. The doctor said it shouldn't make him sick, but he will feel a little tired afterward. I hope it goes that well. Next week he will have two or three more, followed by one the week after. Then they will do another CT scan to see if it has helped. I'm hoping it all goes well.

He fell last week at church somehow. He hit his head on the asphalt in the parking lot, scrapped up his elbows pretty bad and did some serious bruising to his foot and ankle. He's been limping around a bit. As bad as his foot looks with the bruises and swelling, it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't fractured or broken. So far he hasn't had the doctor check it out. I told him to mention it tomorrow if it still looks and feels as bad as today. I'm sure he won't, but at least I tried.

Work is going very well. It has been exhausting after so much time off. I'm wiped out when I get home after a 9 hour day. I use to work 12 hour days no problem. Guess it will take some getting use too again. I had 18 hours my first week of training. I have 28 hours for this week and scheduled for 33 hours next week. I'm glad to see more hours. I was getting concerned that I may not get enough. Trying to get someone that knows what they are doing to train me properly is a challenge. Everyone in my department is relatively new. I'm picking up what I can from different folk as I work with them. It seems that most of them like to just stand around and talk. I find that aspect frustrating. I do my best to keep busy. It just makes time pass quicker. I do like the job though. It reminds me of the good ole days when I managed a jewelry store. Same concept, just a smaller scale and I'm not responsible for everything. I think it will be okay in the end. I do need to find out about insurance. No one has mentioned it to me yet, so guess I'll have to remember to ask about it.


Russ Manley said...

New routines take a little getting used to, sure. But I bet the extra $$ in your pocket at the end of the month will make it easier. Grin.

Good luck to you and your dad both.

anne marie in philly said...

sending good vibrations to your dad!

Lemuel said...

First, best wishes for your father. I hope he takes up your suggestion and has the doctor look at his bruises.

I am happy to read about your job. I recall a post or two ago you were not feeling well. I assume that it all worked out. I agree with you about keeping busy. When I was working and I had nothing to do, the days just dragged.

Ur-spo said...

I've been away for a week - thank you for your updates; keep us/me posted.

Anonymous said...

insurance info will come automatically in the mail before your first 90 days are up

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