Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 2

Not too bad. More training videos. More little test. It was easy but tedious. I actually got to spend a little time on the floor today. Got to see how the area was laid out. Where things are kept. And actually had a sale! It wasn't much, but it felt good after all this time to be productive in some way. Also met some of the people I will be working with. They seem like a nice bunch so far. And one of them is a very handsome tall fella! (I think his name is Tommy.) I felt my heart jump when I first saw him! I think he is gay as well. Guess I'll figure it out for certain as time goes on. They want me to work tomorrow as well. It will help me learn about the opening procedures and get more familiar with everything. I hope it goes well and quickly. It seems like every time I go, they want me to stay longer than I planned or was lead to believe. So far I've stayed to my plans. It isn't that I mind working, just don't spring it on me at the last minute. I have a dog to take into consideration, not to mention things with my parents. I've had to postpone or skip a couple of things I was gonna do for them already. I'm not gonna make it a habit. I'm sure once I get on a regular schedule it won't be like that. Right now, they are just squeezing me in so I can learn, train and provide coverage. Also the manager that hired me had her last day today. Kinda weird but whatever. I have no idea who to go to if there are questions or problems. I'm sure it will get sorted out soon enough.


Russ Manley said...

Well at least they're not saying, "Why don't you go home!" That's a good sign.


Ray's Cowboy said...

First of all I agree with Russ here. Maybe there might be a sell between you and the other salesMan. Dave I know you are going to make it. Remember one thing is to be flexable to the company. it may get you full time and who knows; maybe even a new and better potition Mr Manager.

Keep up the GREAT work


Ur-spo said...

these training days are the worse - not knowing how it all will settle.

Mind Of Mine said...

I often find the training to be the most interesting part of any employment, its usually down hill from there, for me anyway.

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