Monday, September 20, 2010


It has been eventful this week. Lots of fun and a little heartache thrown in to the mix to keep the balance. Work is great. My parents are good, though the scan hasn't been scheduled yet for my father. My mother's out patient surgery is set for this Thursday and should go well. She should even be home by lunch time. Th sad news is Richard, my man interest at work moved back to Delaware over the weekend. A lost opportunity that sadden me. No more flirting at work or stolen conversations. No lunches or dates of any sort. He did what he thought would make him happy and I hope it works out for him. I was completely taken by surprise when he told me. But being the thoughtful sort, he did flash his furry belly at me in consolation. That made me chuckle and smile for a while. I am gonna miss him. Friday I helped my father or more accurately, he watched while I did the majority of the work. We are framing up a building for my mother's stuff in their yard. Hopefully, this project will be finished up soon. They had the old place painted professionally, so that saved a lot of time. They also had the terrace torn out and replaced as well. That thrilled me to no end. I was dreading the thought of even messing with it. They also had new gutters installed. Seems the only big project left on the list is constructing a building for daddy's stuff. Hopefully the old place will be on the market before Christmas. I also have started my Christmas shopping, just in case something happens before then. Saturday, I went to a naked pool gathering again. Loved it as always. And Saturday night, I went to the White Party, a huge fundraiser in Charlotte. The gay social event of the year. I haven't been to one in maybe 20 years. It's was FABULOUS! I an absolute blast. I got to see so many friends in one place. I was in heaven! I was also invited to the after party where the fun continued. I finally dragged myself home by 3am and got in the bed at 4am. I got up at 8am to go to work and even had a fabulous day there! It has been a great week. Everything just fell into place. It was truly serendipitous.


anne marie in philly said...

good to hear from you! and happy to hear everything is going well for you and your parents.

as for the unrequited interest, you never know - he may get bored in DE and come back to find you!

Cubby said...

I love that word... Serendipity.

I'm sorry about your friend at work. I was really hoping something good and strong would result.

Ur-spo said...

synchronicity too !

Peter said...

As Anne Marie said, you never know what happens next.

Russ Manley said...

Damn, that one wriggled out of your fingers didnt he. But there's plenty more fish in the pond and sounds like you are getting back in the swim of things socially. All to the good; glad for ya buddy.

Lemuel said...

But I'll echo Cubby. I, too, am sorry about your co-worker leaving.

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