Sunday, October 24, 2010

Things To Love

  • Cool evenings and cozy wool sweaters

  • A loyal dog curled up against on a cold winter's night

  • Wine in a crystal glass, sipped slowly, with classical music in the background

  • Flannel sleep pants and an old favorite cardigan

  • The crackle of a fire and the soft glow of the embers lighting a room

  • Brisk morning walks with the crunch of frost underfoot

  • The tinkling sound sleet makes in the quiet of the night

  • The smell of a cedar tree and fresh cut pine boroughs

  • Great conversation over a slowly eaten dinner with old friends

  • Hugs from family and friends

  • Hot chocolate on a cold windy night

  • An Unfrench martini, stirred not shaken, with more Chambord than Vodka (and no pineapple juice)

  • Blue Bunny's Banana Split ice cream served in your best china dish

  • Wearing your best clothes around the house just because it makes you feel good

  • Watching British detective shows on BBC or PBS


Ur-spo said...

excellent list; just add some peppermint schnapps to the cocoa next time.

vodka martini said...

This is an awesome list! Not just things to love, but things to actually live for. If only all these things are that easy to do. I think the only thing that is quite constant in my life now is having a dog and enjoying my vodka martini almost every night. I really miss my house, city is nice, but I still want my house.

Lemuel said...

I notice how most of these require little or none of the wealth that most people seek after but are enhanced by the wealth of friends, of nature, of inner peace that most of us take so much for granted.

Cubby said...

I really appreciate the slowly eaten dinner one.

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