Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still Unknown

Apparently I'm still suspended pending further investigation. I checked the online schedule for work, I've been removed till next Tuesday. I've called Human Resources twice this morning and left messages. No one has yet returned my calls. I was originally scheduled to go in at 2pm today. I hate being in limbo. I know we have a mitigation policy in place at work, so trying to sue the company should the outcome of this be unfavorable, is out of the question. However, I can sue the individuals I feel is responsible personally. I have yet to apprise my parents of this situation. I didn't want to stress them out with all that is going on with my Father this week. After he gets the results Thursday, I may have to, like it or not.

I remember in Business Law class, there was something mentioned about past performance being a benchmark in settling disputes. Not sure if it applies in this circumstance, but it seems to me, it I have done said thing, and everyone else has done said thing, repeatedly, with documentation submitted to whoever handle the media portion of the stuff we turn in at the end of the day, then there is a precedent set. If it were wrong, why was it not caught or brought to our attention before now? I won't even mention the embarrassment factor to all this on top of the economic hardship it will cause to me or my parents should another job not be quickly forthcoming.
I have learned that three other people have been interviewed but not suspended. There are others which have yet to be interviewed. I want to feel good about this outcome, but I don't. I feel like a scapegoat. The Loss Prevention guy told me I was "one of the good guys." If that is the case then why not a reprimand instead of being suspended? I feel I've done nothing wrong. I didn't hide it from anyone. Why would I if I was trained that way? All I can do is polish up the resume and start applying again. In fact I already have. I hope this go round, it doesn't take two years.
(Once this issue is settled, I will explain in greater detail).


Cubby said...

This is a bit nightmarish to me. Is this a case of one of your coworkers not liking you personally so he/she made some trumped up accusation to make your life hell? I understand the company has to make a thorough investigation, but what's the harm in letting you work while the investigation goes on? Have they interviewed you yet or not? Sounds like they have not. I got my fingers crossed for you David.

Mind Of Mine said...

Loss prevention officer?

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