Sunday, September 4, 2011

Don't Get It

I see lots of naked men. I see lots of porn. I see a lot of fetishes. It's all well and good, even if I'm not into it. However, there are a few things that I just don't understand at all. To me personally, I can't find anything about it the lest bit fascinating or erotic. I just don't get it, try as I might.
What is up with fisting? Really? Why would you want someones arm up your ass? How can that possible feel good whatsoever? Why put your health at risk or even you life for what exactly? It makes no sense to me.
What is up with pissing as well? Unless you have a contingency problem, I see no reason to piss on someone. Nothing about that turns me on at all. In fact, I think I would knock the crap of someone if they did it intentionally.
Uniforms, leather and the assorted sports gear I get. Clothing, environment, etc., can be very erotic with the right person or situation. Still not sure about spending all that money on it though, but if you can afford, have the closet space, have at it.
I prefer old fashion making love. Not fast and furious. Not relying on props and such, and certainly not worrying about if I need drawstrings installed in my ass when we are through. Give me someone who can hold me tight, kiss me tenderly and make sure the experience is memorable for all the right reasons and I'll have my U-Haul pack for the next visit. Simple, run of the mill, everyday sex is enough for me with the person I care about. Not a stranger or a group of them doing things I would never care to repeat or talk about to my closest friends. I'm very vanilla but passionate. Is that too much to ask these days?


Mind Of Mine said...

I don't enjoy fisting, but I have spoken to people that have and they say it is incredibly pleasurable.

I am partial to a golden shower every now and then, I a find it incredibly erotic.

Cubby said...

Don't fret, you are not alone.

Will said...

"...and I'll have my U-Haul pack for the next visit."

Sounds as though you may be a lesbian in disguise. Maybe that's an issue? ;-)

Word Verification is "prumping". Doesn't occur in my Webster's, but maybe you could make it all your own to mean mutually joyful, respectful, sensuous, emotionally connected safe sex. As in "Dave's not into fisting. He preferes prumping instead."

Ur-spo said...

I once asked a professor 'what is the hardest thing for an analyst to empathize with in a patient?
She gave a long winded answer, which I asked for a claricifaction -

"Another person's love object, there is no accounting for taste"

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Dave

Ray's Cowboy said...

That is why there is so many things to choose from. The world is not just vanilla. some people like sprinkles, some like whip cream, some like chocolate. Just because it is not your thing, does mean others do not like it. I am not big on fisting, but I have fisted several Men who do like it. It gave them great pleasure.. I love playing withuncut cocks and PA does that make me wierd?
And Yes I have several leather and uniforms. I like them and enjoy wearing them. I do not think I am that wierd.

rptrcub said...

I tried fisting once. Didn't enjoy it. And I felt like I could never get the Crisco out.

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