Monday, November 28, 2011

I Am

  • Overweight by 20 pounds/ But I did lose 75 pounds
  • Very hairy / But I do keep it trimmed and shaved
  • Mentally and emotional strong / But I can be hurt
  • A very good friend / But I can be driven away
  • Not in perfect shape / But I do have some muscles
  • Broke most of the time / But I do have a job
  • Not needy or lonely / But I do like to hang out or chat
  • Intelligent / But still feel stupid sometimes
  • Loyal / But realize when being mistreated or taken advantage of
  • Not living large / But I do inherit a trust fund
  • Generous with my time / But not gonna make all the effort
  • Not a good time charlie or fair weather friend / But there if needed
  • Sweet and caring / But can be a bitch if pushed
  • Well adjusted / But still have a few things that will set me off
  • A great communicator / But I can be secretive
  • Forgiving / But I don’t forget


Peter said...

Dave, you are who you are and that's what I like about you!

Ur-spo said...

what a lovely list!

Anonymous said...

list? really?

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