Sunday, November 6, 2011

The End Is Near

Unsteady breaths.
The hope now faded.
There is no turning back from this.
It's grip too strong.
It's heels dug in deep.
Nothing more can be done.
Sadness colors everything.
Everything you do.
Everything you think.
There is no escaping.
No reprieves.
Just this moment.
Wondering if there will be another.
A final countdown that no one knows when will end.
Will it be sudden?
Or stretched to torturous lengths?
Will there be much pain?
There will be many tears.
More than can be counted.
The end is coming.
It is closer than it should be.
Everyone knows.
Especially him.


Sean said...

Wishing you strength in these final days.

anne marie in philly said...

{{{{{hugs}}}}}; know the feeling well.

Mind Of Mine said...

I can't even begin to imagine what you might be going through right now. My thoughts are with you.

R said...

touching thoughts during this trying time.

3rdnlong said...

this verse from Billy Graham came to mind just now ....

He was saying that he noticed that when the classic childen’s hymm was sung in church it was the adults who sang the loudest because he could see they knew it the best. He lamented whether churches are even singing the hymm anymore. He began to sing his version of “Jesus Loves Me “

Jesus loves me this I know, Though my hair is white as snow, Though my sight is growing dim, Still he bids me trust in him. Yes Jesus loves me.. Yes Jesus loves me.. Yes Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so. Though my steps are oh so slow. With my hand in his I’ll go. Oh through life let come what may, He’ll be there to lead the way. When the nights are dark and long, In my heart he puts a song, Telling me in words so clear, Have no fear, for I am near. When my work on earth is done,and life’s victories have been won, He will take me home above, then I’ll understand his love. Yes Jesus loves me.. Yes Jesus loves me.. Yes Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so !

Anonymous said...

Dave I'm praying for you. I also have just went through it. Stay strong your family needs you and that includes your Dad still

Ur-spo said...

It is a hard sad time indeed. I hope it is a comfort for you loved ones and those who care are near and thinking of you.

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