Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year in Review

What a crap filled year this has been. I'm glad it is almost over. Thought I would waltz through all the craptastic events of the year.

  • Daddy developed lung cancer
  • Daddy was in the hospital twice for pneumonia
  • My great Aunt Ona passed
  • My Uncle Russell passed
  • My Uncle R.B. passed
  • No offers on my parent's old place
  • I pawned all my jewelry to just pay bills
  • I was moved from Fine Jewelry department to Watches/Accessories
  • My transmission will not stay in drive
  • My power has been turned off twice
  • Tommy has issues
  • Phillip can't commit to anything apparently
  • Jim hasn't taken much initiative in things
  • I've only had a few paycheck to break $300
  • I scratched my eyeball in my sleep and had to go the the ER
  • I need glasses that even with insurance I can't afford
  • I had to replace the floor in the bathroom
  • I still have a hole in the floor of the bedroom
  • My toilet still doesn't work properly
  • Now there is a leak in the shower
  • I'm still broke and single
  • I'm still overweight
Now a few of the highlights:

  • I did get one piece of jewelry out of the pawn shop
  • I still have my job
  • I still have a place to live
  • I still have a car to drive
  • Neither of my parents are dead yet
  • I'm not dead yet
  • I still have my wonderful dog Izzy to come home too
  • My health is fine
  • I did lose a few pounds over the year

2012 had better be nice to me before I snap!

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