Sunday, February 19, 2012

Daddy Update

I got a phone call this morning from my mother about 7:20 am. My father had fell outside on the steps and she thought he was dying. I rushed over, running stoplights and breaking speed limits in the process. I found her holding his head in her lap on the back steps. He was unresponsive, gasping for breath. We managed to get him moved back into the house and laid on the floor. I held him while my mother got the blood pressure cuff. His breathing turned rapid and shallow. I asked her to turn on the overhead light so I could see if his pupils would react. They did. I found his pulse to be slow but strong. His skin was very pale. He was bleeding from a really bad 5 inch scrap on his arm and elbow. I called Hospice and had someone come out. My mother called 911 to help us get him off the floor and into the bed. I was afraid I would hurt him if I manhandled him myself. After about 40 minutes, he regained consciousness. He was talking, albeit, very lowly. He recalled what happened and where he was. Shortly after, 3 EMT's showed up and moved him to the bed. (One was very handsome!) Another rescue unit showed up to transport him if needed, though I had already told the dispatcher it wasn't necessary since he was under Hospice care and a DNR. An hour after all this started, the nurse showed up and made her assessment. My sister arrived from Salisbury, 60 miles away (she was told he was dead). My Aunt and Uncle showed up upon hearing from other relatives that Fire and Rescue was at he house. Same for the Deacon and his wife hearing of it the same way. They also passed it along to minster for the rest of the congregation. I came home briefly to let the dog out and returned since my sister was there and my father was lucid once again. My brother in law and 2 nephews are en route. My niece is away at a dance competition. I will go back this evening for a few hours.

My mother was asking for feedback and suggestions about the funeral arrangements when things calmed down. All things being as they are, it appears that it will be needed soon. The final grains of sand are falling. There aren't many left...


Sean said...

M thoughts are with you.

Russ Manley said...

Scary event, bless you buddy.

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