Thursday, February 23, 2012


Now I turn toward taking care of my mother like I promised my father I would. I'm going to make every attempt to stop by before and after work everyday as long as I'm not closing. Just because it would be too late to visit. I'm gonna call her on the way home on those days before she goes to bed. My biggest fear, concern is that, now that she is alone, something will happen and there will be no one around to help. Even in my father's condition, he could have called for help if nothing else. I'm hoping to convince her the keep her phone with her at all times, even in the house, just in case of an emergency. The thought of her laying helpless or worse, unconscious, or still worse, dead, and no one there terrifies me. I know the time will come when I will be the one most likely to find her, but I don't want to hasten the time because there was no one to render assistance. The next few weeks is sure to be filled with people coming and going and calling, I'm worried about the months and maybe years that follow, when things clam down a bit. She has spent her adult life taking care of people, I want to take care of her and protect her. And when her time comes, I don't want her to be alone.


Jim said...

Aw Dave! I hope things go well for you and your mother.

Sean said...

We got my grandma Life Alert even though one of her sons lived across the street. In a funny story, as she told it, she was moving her little rascal and it fell on top of her just outside the house. She pressed the button and said,"I've fallen and gan't get up!" They first called her son and he came over in a minute otherwise they would have contacted the police.

There are several companies that offer this technology and one of them includes fall detection (if the person looses consciousness) and most also monitor for fire and CO2. It's about 25 a month and so worth the money and peace of mind.

I hope your doing well.

Will J said...

Allow yourselves time to figure out the way ahead. This is uncharted territory and neither of you has had to do it as participants from this perspective before.

Prayers for inner peace, patience and understanding for you and your Mom begin again.

Russ Manley said...

The Life Alert is a really good thing, I got one for my mom in her last days and it helped a lot.

It will take time to sort out your new way of living and dealing with Mom, and the grieving that is natural. Just take it a step at the time. Blessings on you both.

Ur-spo said...

Commendable goal; please take this one step at a time now.

Roger said...

Or time to move in with Mom giving you the opportunity to "save" for your future!

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