Friday, April 20, 2012

Two Months

Yep, it has been two months already since my father passed away. It still seems a bit unreal, but the reality is slowly sinking in. As we wrap up the lose ends, it becomes a much sharper reality and harder to ignore that he is really gone. My mother is handling it as well as can be expected after 55 years of marriage. She has or is in the process of wrapping up all the legal stuff that needs to be dealt with. Today she is attending the auction of the house my grandmother left my father. Hopefully that will go well and she and my aunt will see a tidy profit after expenses. I've cleaned out my father's truck and at some point it will be detailed and ready for sale. That was difficult, but had to be done. My mother has begun attending a bereavement class at Hospice. Hopefully, that will help her in ways I cannot. We are just taking it one day at a time, one issue at a time. After all is finished and settled, she has mentioned she will get her affairs in better order to save my sister and I the same trouble she has had with the patchwork of legal things either delayed or overlooked. Hopefully, in the interim, their "old" house will be sold. That will be one less thing to worry about and take care of. Then maybe there will be some definitive forward progress for sure. Currently, I'm searching for a better job, closer to home, with better pay and hours. I would just be more comfortable knowing I'm closer to my mother if she needed me, instead of almost an hour away at work. Of course, more money would help, especially when I get a house. (Hopefully, soon.) A more stable schedule would make it easier to do things with/for my mother and provide a better chance of a social life for me as well. Overall, I guess things are coming together rather well all things considered.


RJ said...

How incredible selfish to bring up the selling of your parents old house so you can finally get a house in the post filled with true family antidotes. Your underlying selfishness= BAD KARMA

Ultra Dave said...

I don't feel it is bad karma. I've have discussed it several times on my blog that my parents had planned to do that and give my sister the lake house. To me it is no different than mentioning I want to change jobs to better myself and be closer to my mother. Both are benefits to each of us. She knows I will be taken care of and I will be better able to take care of her. I have also told her that if she needed to money for some reason, to not bother purchasing me a home, keep the money for herself. Bad Karma my ass........

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