Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I scream inside
From anguish
of that which is now gone
Of frustration and loss
Easing temporarily
the pain
the suffering
the hurt
the vacancy in my heart

I scream inside
no lasting change
I still ache
I still long
I still need
No one rushes to my rescue
Nothing fills the void

I scream inside
till nothing is left
consumed by emptiness
my soul echoes with woe


Roger said...

You can change the situation by looking for a new circle of friends instead of "pineing" for Tommy. You thought the passing of your father would send tommy running into your arms and all would be right with the world! Pull up your "big boy" pants and one evening go to Panera Bread or a coffeehouse. Volunteer a few minutes at the local soup kitchen. You would be surprised who you will met.... that special someone is right around the corner in the most unexpected place.

Ultra Dave said...

I believe you are hung up on Tommy more so than I. This was about all the frustration I feel about many things in my life at the moment and all the people I miss, including my father.

Ur-spo said...

I heard this clear.
Happily you are letting it out and letting others hear your pain. Good.

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