Thursday, June 28, 2012

Date Update

Well,where to start?

Jerry and I didn't get to meet Sunday. A bad storm came through about the time I was getting ready and knocked the power out for couple of hours. We haven't rescheduled yet, but most likely will. We have since emailed and texted. So guess things are still good despite Mother's Nature's monkey wrench.

Today Wes and I met for lunch. Well, let me say, he needs to update his profile a bit. He may have been a bodybuilder at some point in his life, but currently he has a rather large paunch hanging over his belt and maybe some decent biceps, though nothing to warrant asking guys who read his profile to "know their way around a gym." The conversation however was very nice and flowing, except the part where he mentioned he will be turning 59 on his birthday in November. His profile said 55 and I was stretching my limit with that age. He did offer to pay for lunch which was sweet, but I declined and paid for my own. We both have been to the naked pool. He thought it would be a great money and gas saver to ride together.  He was gonna prepare a schedule to see what worked for us.  At the conclusion, he asked if I would mind buying something to use my discount. Once I told him it had to be on a prepaid credit card, he had to think about it. I'm thinking to myself, "Shouldn't we get through lunch first?" Thankfully, going into this, I had low expectations which he met. I seriously doubt there will be another date.

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