Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Body, Old Mind

Since losing a little weight and getting into better shape with more of both to come, and having updated all my profile pics, I've been receiving emails, chat request, pokes, likes, comments, smiles, winks, gropes etc. galore! I'm loving it! While I think basing interest solely on looks or body type is rather shallow, I freely acknowledge that humans, men in particular, are very visual creatures. I have several ongoing, in depth exchanges with a couple of fellas now that show a bit promise for something more than a roll in the hay. While the exterior of me has been revamped, the personality and character is the same. I still know what I want and expect from someone. That hasn't changed, nor can I ever see it doing so. But the simple act of improving the outside has opened up more choices. I'm the same as I ever was with better marketing and packaging. I'm curious as to where this journey may lead. I'm finally excited about the social/sexual prospects it brings. Right now, I'm testing the waters, combining all I've learned from my past dating experiences, with the "new" found body, and moving toward a more complete happiness. No, I don't think a man can complete me or make me happy, that is mere icing on the cake. But the better I look, the better I feel, the more confident I become. It is actually helping me become a better rounded person. Helping me match the exterior me to the interior me. I'm completing myself so to speak. Stay tuned for further updates. My weight this morning is 182 pounds.


Sean said...

This is such a fun journey to watch! Now you can add jealousy and envy to the characteristics of those who view your profile. There will be those who don't respond to your profile because they think, "Oh, I'm out of his league."

You said it yourself "But the better I look, the better I feel, the more confident I become." When people see a fitter person, they are also seeing someone who has cleared up a few issues and is healthier - physically and mentally. (not always true either way)

Ray's Cowboy said...

You might also think that we are trying to support you as well. You have done a GREAT job lossing that wieght.

I also agree with Sean.


Cubby said...

This is really cool. Good work :-)

Ur-spo said...

it sounds hopeful!

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