Friday, June 26, 2009

Passing Thoughts

Sadly, we have lost MJ and Farrah, even Ed this week. I enjoyed each in their own way. They will be missed.

It's about time for school to start back. I've got to register for classes next week so I get the ones I need. I hope the coming semester is better than the last two.

I'm taking my diet seriously now. I've had my pants altered for the last time. I stocked the freezer with Lean Cuisine and the refrigerator with bottled water. I've had it with not being able to wear my fabulous clothes because they no longer fit.

The renovations are finished at my parent's place. We have been working on the landscaping, since my mother rushed to purchase plants that needed a home. We are close to wrapping that up and can restart clearing my property. Woohoo!

My doctor's appointment is Tuesday afternoon. My problem has still persisted but not at the level it was originally. Thankfully, but there is still something not quite right going on and I'm gonna find out what it is.

Also, we are having an impromptu reunion for my high school Tuesday night. Unless I'm dead, I plan on being there. I hope they remember me. Maybe I'll have dropped a couple of pounds and can wear something decent.


Ur-spo said...

i enjoy your updates
I get more from these than the Facebook bits.

Good luck at the doctors.

Lemuel said...

I think some of us are as anxious for you to get started on your new home as you are! There will be something great about being able to share your joy as your dream comes into fulfilment.

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