Monday, June 1, 2009

False Prophet

I haunt the mind.
and burn the soul.
I speak of truth
yet live it not.
I twist and deceive
just barely perceived.
I wear the mantle of righteousness
for all to see.
I preach and sermonize
yet hide my own deeds.
I spew hate, then demonize
those unlike me.
I am the church
empty and hollow.
I seek those blinded by faith.
I call, they follow.
I am the false prophet
worship money and greed.
I crave the power
and the influence great.
I fear my rein may end
I sense the final hour.
I sold my soul for gain
now in disdain and disgrace.
I hear the distnce bell
as I burn in my own Hell.


Russ Manley said...

Cool poem, Dave - and so true . . . .

Bear Me Out said...

Sadly true. But there is hope, too. just not in the twisted words of those prophets.

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