Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Little Bit of Good

This morning my mother went for a endoscopy exam. No problems with it thank goodness!

Tomorrow, my father goes to get the definitive diagnosis and treatment plan from the medical team. I'm so hoping it isn't cancer. All of us think it is though. Hopefully, we will be wrong.

Also, Wednesday, I have my interview at Macy's. I'm excited and nervous. I hope I get it. I don't care what the hours are, what position it is, or what the pay is. I just want a job!

The stress of the last couple of days has made me phyiscally ill. I woke up this morning with a headache and an upset stomach. I'm better now, just a little tired.

Yesterday, I worked in the bathroom at my parents old place. There was water damage that had to be repaired. I removed the toilet, took up the tile, and cut, chipped, and clawed away at the rotten subfloor. I finally got that replaced and filled. Now it is ready for the new tile whenever my parents arrange for that.


Java said...

Best of luck to you on your job interview!

I hope all goes well with your father, too. And I'm thankful for the encouraging endoscopy exam.

Blessings, my dear friend!

Cubby said...

I got my fingers crossed.

Lemuel said...

Best wishes for a successful interview!

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