Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's Up

Well, my first interview with Macy's was rescheduled for Friday the 23rd. Of course they called to let me know as I was pulling into their parking lot! Not happy about that, but whatever. Friday's interview went very well. I interviewed with two people. The last one I'm certain wanted to hire me on the spot, but deferred to other people to make a decision at the first of the week. I will hear from them sometime this week one way or the other. I nailed the interview, that I'm sure of. I'd be more surprised at not getting it, then if I do. I seem to be exactly what they are looking for in that position. It is not my ideal, only part time day hours in the fine jewelry department. I'd prefer full time, but they will allow me to work in other departments as the need arises if I chose. Also with the parents health issues, part time may not be a bad idea for now.

My mother went for her follow up visit to make sure she is in good shape for her reconstruction surgery next month. She is thankfully. It now depends on what is going on with my father as to whether it will still be done on August 15th or not. Thankfully, it is an out patient procedure, so that will help some.

My father's diagnosis isn't quite as cheery. They are doing a stress test, which he will fail, to determine whether he can undergo surgery for the tumor in his lung. They have also scheduled a biopsy to determine if it is indeed cancer or not. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Why they couldn't have done all this crap to start with is beyond me. Anyway, a CT scan of his head and neck is to be done too. There is concern that this tumor may have spread to his brain. Just gets better doesn't it? So once again, the only thing we know for certain is he will definitely have radiation for the tumor, whether cancerous or not, and surgery is still up in the air at this point and there is no definitive time frame for this all the begin.


Cubby said...

I got my fingers crossed for your job!

anne marie in philly said...

crossing fingers and arms and legs and toes for your job and your mom and your dad.

if macy's allows you to move around to different depts, that might be an get to see other spots where you may/may not fit.

Java said...

Your dad's situation is unsettling, isn't it? Please let us know when you get more information. I really hope that there are no tumors in the brain! Your dad and mom are in my thoughts and prayers.

The job front sounds hopeful. Good luck! Do you know when you'll hear?

I was beginning to worry a bit about you, not having heard anything since early last week. It's good to see this update.

Ur-spo said...

I have been away for a week, and I had missed hearing your news. Thank you for this update.

Russ Manley said...

Life is a rollercoaster, for every up there's a down and vice versa. Hang in there buddy.

Lemuel said...

Best wishes on all fronts!

Bear Me Out said...

Dave, somewhere I lost your link No re-found, I'll be keeping up. Prayers ascend for you and your folks.

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