Friday, October 28, 2011

Daddy Update

My father had a doctor's appointment yesterday to find out what the CT scan revealed on Tuesday. It's not good news. The cancerous tumor has begin growing again. He still has a touch of pneumonia, but was given some antibiotics for that. He can't have any more radiation treatments. He isn't strong enough for chemo. And the location and condition of his lungs don't allow surgery as an option. The upside to all of this is that it isn't growing at an alarming rate at the moment nor does it appear to be spreading elsewhere, nor did the visit warrant a sentence of a few months or less than a year. My parents are seeking out other treatment options but I'm not sure there are any left available. I'm gonna be optimistic for all our sakes and hope that something can be found. It's sad to say this and a bit selfish too, but I'm gonna say it anyway. If my father must go, then let it be quick, pain free and after the first of next year sometime. I don't want my mother to associate their anniversary in November, or Thanksgiving or Christmas with his death.

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publius100 said...

Your sentiments are right on point. When my mother was in intensive care with no hope left, we were just praying it didn't happen on Christmas Day; she passed on the 26th.
With my father, his cancer (the same kind as John Wayne's) took a long time, and now we are left with unpleasant memories of his suffering...and of ours.
Please just know you are not alone, and that your feelings and sentiments are normal. More than you know.

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