Saturday, October 1, 2011

Whine Fest

**This may or may not be wine induced**

I just wanna be loved. I wanna be held close by strong arms to a man's well muscled chest and feel protected. I wanna be kissed to the point of almost being consumed. I wanna feel like I am the only reason they get up in the morning. I want to be the reason they return home every evening. I wanna know without a doubt that I mean as much to them as their family or breathing, that they will never leave me and always be there for me. I wanna be their best friend, confidant, and lover. I wanna be the one that will support any idea they have, that will make them happy, make them laugh, make it safe and make sure they know they are cherished. I want someone that I can't imagine them not being a part of my life and them feel and express the same. All I want is to be loved and held by a strong man that I can love and hold in return.

1 comment:

Ur-spo said...

those sound reasonable; I hope someday it is so.

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