Sunday, October 2, 2011

This is More Like It!

While waiting around for Phillip to make plans this weekend, I struck up a conversation with a fella named Jim. He looked handsome in his pics with a very nice body, (yes, one of those sites). After chatting a bit and hitting it off so well, he invited me to dinner at Olive Garden in Monroe. Of course, I said yes! I'm glad I did too! He is even better looking in person! His profile pic didn't do him justice! He is very sweet, charming and interesting! I'm glad we were in a public place or I would have been all over him! We laughed, talked about our interest and families, work, just all sorts of things. The conversation never lagged and the chuckles were plentiful. We exchanged some more contact info and hugged good bye in the parking lot. I did sneak a kiss on his neck just to tease him a little. I'm hoping to see him again really soon!

I did finally met Phillip and his son Friday evening. He came by the store to surprise me and purchased two watches as well. He is handsome and tall. His son is gonna be heartbreaker when he gets older. For all the hours we have chatted and text we exchanged, he seems a bit too aloof for me. Maybe because he has a preteen to contend with or maybe the pressure of his job, but whatever it is, I do want a little more attention, at least in the start, than he is providing. Answering emails about plans he suggested would be a nice start. Unlike Jim, he needs some follow through. If we met again, then great. If not, no worries.

I'm putting myself out there for anyone and everyone. If I'm interested, I'll pursue, if not keep on moving. I'm not gonna get what I want with you- know- who, so I need to launch a campaign to find one who can. Look out world, here I come!


Russ Manley said...

Jim is the one to follow up on. Crank up the fun, scale back the expectations, and go for it, tiger!

anne marie in philly said...

yep, ya gotta take the bull by the horns (as it were). put yourself out there and meet other people and see what clicks.

you-know-who is NOT an option; he will use you like a doormat and throw you away like a kleenex when he is through with you . you are NOT a doormat! you are NOT a kleenex!

(ask me how I know about being a doormat and a kleenex)

Cubby said...

Sounds like a great first date with Jim. Good luck with him!

Mind Of Mine said...

I feel the same way sometimes, I like to feel that the courting process is fun and if someone is being overtly aloof, then I tend to move on.

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