Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dating Update

I had my first kiss and cuddle session with Phillip on Sunday evening after work. It was very pleasant snuggled up on the couch next to him, watching a little bit of tv and just talking. He is great at hugging too! It was very nice. My big concern at this point is: I don't particularly like the way he kisses. Since he is big guy, his mouth is larger than mine too, so when he kisses, I feel like he is trying to swallow my face. The little flirty kisses are very nice but the french ones aren't. I've ran across this problem before with another guy long ago. We stopped seeing each other, not necessarily because of that, but I did take it into consideration. I'm going over Wednesday night to watch movies with him. I'll see if it is any different. It could just have been the angle of approach, since we were both laying back on the sofa at the time. Overall, I still enjoyed the evening.

****Update....Phillip just canceled plans an hour before I was suppose to be at his house.****

This Saturday I'm going out with Jim. We are going to a party in Winston Salem. I'm looking forward to the party and to seeing him again. I can't wait to hug and kiss him too! Our parting hug after we left the restaurant last Sunday was wonderful. Very compatible physically. Our conversation was great too. That was one of the reasons I invited him to go. I knew the drive down and back would give us more time to learn about the other. I've spoken and emailed with him several times since the dinner. I'm quite happy thinking about him. Even a bit more tingly than with Phillip. I'll just have to wait to see how it goes.

*** Jim has a late appointment Saturday and can't make it. Damn! I'm disappointed***


Cubby said...

Geez, you got the men lining up for you. Not a bad position to be in. Have fun :-)

3rdnlong said...

just an unlucky coincidence both will reschedule with you !!!! :-)

Peter said...

Talk about what YOU like! You need two to tango, but also two to French kiss.

Ruffy said...

Well sound slike you need to line up a few more alternatives *wink*

Ur-spo said...

this sounds well!

his mouth is larger than mine too, so when he kisses, I feel like he is trying to swallow my face.

and this is a problem???

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