Thursday, May 6, 2010

It Feels Weird

It feels a little weird today. It's strange not to be contemplating homework. It's a bit odd after the mad rush of the last couple of weeks. It's a good feeling. I like it. Of course now it will be replaced with the anxiety of a full time job search. But I welcome that despite the certain ensuing stress it will bring. I have finally gotten all the grades for all my classes. Two "A's" and a "B". I can live with that. I'm actually quite happy with that. Surprised even. I never expected to get an "A" in the online class or a "B" in the web design class. Those are totally reversed from what I thought would happen. I'm glad I'm done. I'm happy it's over with. Now on to other things as I try build the life I've been desiring for the last couple of years. Here's hoping for the best!


anne marie in philly said...


Jim said...

I am sending good job search vibes your way!

Wishing you all that you want in life!

Lemuel said...

Congrats!! Enjoy this respite from homework. It will start again once you find that job. (how well I know!) *eg*

TomS said...

Warmest wishes Dave! Your updates on your job progress, which you will no doubt post in this journal, will provide inspiration to us all.

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