Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I figured Greg wouldn't work out. You just know they are full of shit when you meet them. I think the first clue was he stated his age as 48, but was actually turning 53 later this year. The fact that he tells you everything you want to hear is another give away. It almost sounded rehearsed, like he said it all to many others before me. I was a bit skeptical to begin with. Am I disappointed.....yeah a little. Am I surprised, no.

Scott is a true sweetheart. We have actually hooked up before about 5 years ago during my last getting laid phase. Not sure he remembers and I haven't mentioned it. Really don't see the need to actually. Not only was this last encounter amazing, we have actually chatted extensively since. With him, he made it all about me and making me feel good. I returned the favor. (Totally opposite of Greg, who just wanted to get off because he was horny.) We actually got together on his birthday. He said I was his gift, since I met him at the door naked, and that the cockring was the bow. How sweet is that?


Cubby said...

It would be terribly rude to ask for a pic of that cock ring, so I won't ask...

I'm very happy you're feeling good about the one guy. Are you going to ask him out for a date this weekend?

Ur-spo said...

Hopefully, it wasn't a gift that he had to exchange, because they are picky about the receipts.

Ray's Cowboy said...

I am glad you are having fun. Follow you heart. I love Ur-Spo comment. tell us more about what happened.

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