Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yep, It's Hot

Another hot humid day here in NC. The 8th straight day of temps over 90 degrees. So far, I've managed with the one A/C unit. It did manage to reach 95 degrees one day inside this tin box I call home. I have lots of fans running and I keep a close eye on Izzy. I leave the bedroom door slightly ajar, where the A/C is, so he can go cool off if need be and make sure he has plenty of water. I even put ice in his water bowl for the little bugger. I worry more for him than me. He isn't use to the heat. He has always been an inside dog. It's just a nuisance for me, nothing more. I have to admit, it has affected my blogging this week. My laptop is in the hottest part of the trailer. I open the window later in the day and run 4 fans in to stir up the air, but without cross ventilation, it just winds up feeling like a convection oven.

Couple the heat and humidity with the concerns over my father, and it makes for one very frustrated guy. I don't have a good feeling about it. The same as with my mother. My hunches are rarely wrong. My father is taking it in stride, not getting to worked up over it till the test come back, but he has expressed he thinks it could be cancer too. My mother is trying to hold it together, but gets very emotional when they discuss more test or the what ifs. My father has redone his will and set up a trust for me, just to make sure I get a house, regardless of what happens. At this point, he couldn't help me build one like we had planned. He just doesn't have it in him any more.

Of course, I'm still searching for a job. Still waiting for my last tier of unemployment benefits to kick in. I'm just about broke, again. The timing couldn't be worse with all that is going on with my parents. I just hope I can get something before the end of the month, before all the monthly bills start over. I may have enough to cover them, but nothing left over for other stuff, like gas, or buying my own groceries, or spending money. I hate to be a burden to them right now. I pray ever night for a job and winning the lottery. Sometimes it all seems for naught. I'm more thankful for what I do have rather than worry over what I don't. It helps me get through the day.

Scott and I are still talking about every other day for an hour or more. We still want to get together. Him working third shift usually only leaves the weekend. Hopefully we'll do it soon. I want to invite him to a pool party with my high school buds on the 26th, but I would like to hook up one more time first. Just so I know the chemistry wasn't a fluke. If we don't before then, I won't invite him. I'll just go alone as I usually do to these events.


wcs said...

48ºF here this morning. Ugh! And this is supposed to be summer!

Lemuel said...

Stay cool. in more ways than one.

Ray's Cowboy said...

try putting the fans in the windows one coming in and one going out. It has help me when I was in a Apt. I do hope everyoen stays cool and the weather changes with a cool front for youa nd your parents.
Hope Mr Fella will be good for you.

Java said...

I've been gone for a while, and look what happened! I'm hopeful for more good chemistry with the sweet fella.

I hope, also, that a good job comes through very soon. I'm keeping your parents in my thoughts/prayers.

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