Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Waiting For Mr Goodbar

Obviously, I've had a one track mind lately. It may seem that way, but actually, I've always been looking for a husband. Always have been. Trying to find that one special guy that will always be around no matter what. Through thick and thin. Till death do us part kinda guy. The one that rocks my world. The one that will be my rock to cling to in a storm. I want a man that I can trust. That is faithful and loyal. That is kind, considerate, thoughtful. Someone that can make me laugh. Someone to talk to about anything and everything. Or just enjoy the silence with. A guy that likes to go out occasionally or stay home cuddled up on the sofa. A man that gets my sense of humor and laughs. A man that smiles when he sees me. One that doesn't shut me out emotionally. Someone that learns me. My interests. My likes and dislikes. Someone who puts in as much effort into "us" as I do. A partner. A lover. A friend. A confidant. The man doesn't have to be perfect. No should they remind me that I'm not. Being romantic is a huge plus. Someone that makes me feel good about myself and being with them. I want hugs and kisses everyday for no reason other than he wants to feel close to me. This may be more than one man can handle. I would like to think not. It may be fantasy guy. I don't think so though. I've found these traits to varying degrees in a few guys. I haven't dated many guys. Been with a few though. I learned not to set too high a bar. Keep my expectations realistic. Take my time. Be honesty and forthright from the get go. Not to rush the physical side of things. I've seen some opportunities pass me by because I wasn't ready. I don't regret them. If it was meant to be, I wouldn't be writing this. I learned to seize opportunities whether I'm in the perfect place in my life or not. They are too fleeting and rare to waste. These are my hopes. I think very realistic and obtainable. I'm just waiting to see where it goes from here.


Breenlantern said...

And when you meet a guy who seems to be opposite of everything you want and yet you want to be with him any way and work through all the differences, you will know love. It's good to know what you want, it's another to stop looking for a person to share your life with and cling to an ideal. Most of all, find someone you're happy to be with. Everything else will fall in to place. Good luck.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Did somethign happen to you and Tommy??


Ultra Dave said...

Naw, Ray. I'm just not sure it ever will though. I keep getting mixed signals. I'm keeping my options open. Hopefully something will change soon.

Russ Manley said...

We all want what you described. Some, though, are just more fortunate in finding and keeping it than others. I hope you are one of the lucky ones.

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