Friday, July 22, 2011

Feeling Weird And Stuff

This has been a strange month health wise for me. Normally, I'll have a headache or an upset stomach during the course of a month. Nothing protracted, just normal stuff everyone experiences occasionally. But this month is different. I have missed three days because of being "under the weather". And these haven't been the typical I experience either. Let me describe it.

  • A low grade migraine that last a day or two or three. (Not the skull shattering kind, just enough to be persistently annoying.)

  • Occasional waves of nausea but never crossing over into actually getting sick.

  • Tired, fatigued, worn out, despite enough sleep.

  • Light headiness with occasional dizziness and loss of balance. (Haven't fell or passed out yet, but feel like I could.)

This has happen in two extended episodes this month. First begin on the 8th and lasting through the 11th. The second begin 20th up to today. First time I missed one day though it had started at work, I managed to get through the day. This time again it began at work and I stayed till the end of my shift. I missed yesterday still feeling all the symptoms though the headache did finally go away after a long nap. Today I'm out with nausea and being light headed. I may could have worked but decided if it was a prelude to some really bad event, I didn't want to be at work for it. It's weird. The symptoms come and go for a few days then totally disappear. I've never had any problems with my heart, lungs, blood pressure etc. This is totally new. The only thing I'm aware of needing is new glasses. I have almost decided to go the Urgent care next time I feel like I did Wednesday. Maybe they can find something when all the symptoms are in full swing.


Will said...

Although unsolicited advice is worth it's may have part of the clue in your last sentence --GLASSES!

If your glasses get lightly off kilter, you may be getting headaches.

Russ Manley said...

Your glasses, or your stress over your dad's illness, or your blood sugar - any history of diabetes in your family?

How long has it been since you had a complete physical? If you have health insurance with your job, this might be a good time to have that done.

Anonymous said...

It could be your heart Dave, or maybe even vertigo. I have trouble with both of those plus high blood pressure and I get those syptems regually.

Ur-spo said...

while I tend to think everything is from stress, this all sounds like migraines or a sort.
I hope you are better by the time I type this.

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